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Abychmy w ten przekład pilnie weźrzeli

Descartes, Regulae ad directionem ingenii. Further on I will present the semantic reach and significant examples of the most important intertextual forms and types, identified in literary and intellectual history long before the concept of intertextuality appeared. Lang, Bern—Leuvent. Statorius, Polonicae Grammatices Institutio, druk.

Santa Cruz County California

Cicero wanted the Greek orator to sound in translation as if he were appearing before the Roman citizenry. Figures and commonplaces were even known to Baroque music. Katarzynie Marciniak oraz prof.

The learned poet could allow himself hints at myths, legends, poetic material, and poetic ancestors in order to construct the meaning of his poem through a web of analogies to tradition, without having to fully describe, name, and explain his source-texts to his cultivated readers.

Scept yc yzm, silnie utr walony np. History and Poetics of Intertextuality judgment, but it is not bound to one single state of affairs; it enhances any speech and lends it timeless significance see Lausberg Among the many kinds of intertextual observance of tradition in modern times I mention only Classicism, which reappeared in several versions from the Renaissance through the Baroque and to the Enlightenment in many European literatures in the literary vernaculars.

Ovid used one of the words cited in a narrative about artistic weaving, for which Arachne earned the envy and retribution of the gods Metamorphoses VI, By spatially and visually juxtaposing excerpts from daily papers in his compositions, Kosovel developed textual meaning outside of the ordinary linearity of writing. Yet those unintended correspondences certainly added to the text’s meaning, by configuring it on the background of contemporary power-knowledge nexus Eco, On Literature, In the Middle Ages auctoritas meant a phrase from theological discourse e.


The identities of some of them became well known — they were named and described a millennium before Kristeva’s neologism was introduced — but of course within essentially different theoretical frameworks: Intertextuality, Paraphrase, Imitation, and Translation The Greek and Latin expression paraphrasis denotes a frequent intertextual technique set forth in school grammar and rhetoric as well as literature.

Salustiusz Gaius Suetonius Tranquillus zob. This led them to consideration of the expressive, linguistically specific forms of the foreign text e.

Abychmy w ten przekład pilnie weźrzeli – PDF Free Download

Pseudo-Hippokrates, List 13 [w: Ale to inny rejestr tej poezji. He was able to replace celebrities with whom the academic scene has become saturated. They broke the epic distance with the grand past, using the strategies of familiarization and domestication to present former heroes in the trivial costume of petty and frivolous modern characters. Donne An Griller of the World [w: Morsztyn, Cyd albo Roderyk, Warszawas.

Santa Cruz County California

The poem makes a tacit allusion to the myth of Prometheus, with whom European writers from Preromanticism on had legitimized their cultural mission: Tacyt Publius Alzuja Naso zob. Czy opinia ta jest uzasadniona? Post-structuralism and Literary Criticismabout poststructuralism and literary studies, concludes justly that intertextual research is a good example of postmodern theoretical discourse: The Medieval drive to appropriate textual heritage spiritually and to revise Antiquity in a Christian manner favored paraphrase.

Sarbiewski, De perfecta poesi. The grollet target or vehicle of parodies — authored constantly by acknowledged writers as well — became texts by noteworthy or comically misfit authors, brief successes; shorter forms that tended to artificiality e. This kind of parody of high-sounding but vacuous rhetorical style is, with subtle irony, embedded also in Plato’s Symposium see Dentith That is how they achieved profane comic effects and criticized adherents of the absolute authority of the classics les anciens ; travesties, burlesques, and parodies drew attention to the fact that old genre-stylistic and linguistic views were in grotesque disharmony with living languages and modern realia, ways, tastes, and esthetic ideas, which modern individualism, empiricism, sensualism, and rationality had given rise to.


Printing enabled a broader circle of readers to check a reference’s correspondence to the original by facilitating the wider distribution of texts.

The montage of citations, which like a Brechtian critique evokes the urbanity and political contradictions of the late s crisis, is complemented in the novel by other intertextual strategies, from citations of German classics to travesties of narrative allusions in xluzja current events involving a “little person” are aligned with mythic or biblical models e.

In doing so I have tried, in comparison with similar theoretical and historical overviews of intertextuality, to take into account the experiences and accomplishments not only of individual theoretical metropolises U.

It is in such intertextual genres that the difference between one’s own and others’ discourse s was not only apparent, it was also creatively exploited. Furthermore, theoretical approaches designated as intertextual were also found here and there in conceptual frameworks, in which the word “intertextuality” did grilley constitute the focus or was wholly absent. This can be seen clearly in the early s, when he began switching from Slovene to English and his plurilingual voice was seized and empowered by the interest of scholars at US-American universities and publishing houses.