ALTON KAMADON, the founder of “The Melchizedek Method, was a clairvoyant channel and spiritual teacher. He was responsible for grounding upon the Earth. Alton Kamadon’s beloved Melchizedek Method of Healing and Ascension. as an initiation into the Kamadon Order of Mastery and the Kamadon Temple of. However, during the time, after following Alton, and he has said “enjoy the journey”, I am never aware of anything happening. I wonder whether on higher levels.

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Do not worry so much about the KL Level if you feel it will detract from your concentration. Your vibrational frequency is raised on a cellular level, allowing you to hold more Light in your body.

Get to Know Us. He was a guest speaker at the United Nations where he gave a speech on unconditional love and channelled a message of love from Lord Sananda. I have been teaching this now for approximately 4 years and have seen some amazing transformations as people learn to take back their power and stand in it.

A,ton have recently been diagnosed with both cataracts and Fuchs Dystrophy All of these Holograms represent unconditional Love It is a gateway to the kamaodn worlds of everlasting love.

Home Contact the Head Kamadob. He continues to share his knowledge and wisdom to all those beings who are open to receive his guidance and love. A – Each Powerball will encapsulate the layers that fall beneath each one but the important point is that they actually connect to the levels of consciousness. It is quite OK to be creative in the use of these amazing spheres of love.

A – I also did the Flower of Life seminar approx. Light Intelligence Antenna to Metatron Can alhon explain a little more about what the elementals are we work with in the Level III?


What is the Melchizedek Method

I feel it is a must if you are a Facilitator. It is essential at this time of human and planetary evolution that as many people as possible continue to seek and activate the highest degree of light within their body cells. It is a matrix all around us and we will hear kamadkn constantly when we are enlightened.

The Melchizedek Method is received through a series of meditations which encode you with sacred geometry, activating your merkaba, connecting you to Lemurian and Egyptian Mystery School energies, and so much more. In these seminars participants were introduced to working with Platonic solid shapes rotating around the body motivated into action by the Fibonacci ration spiral.

In any case, I’m wondering why, when we activate the Merkaba, it stops being active anyway, and how long it takes for this to happen.

So we just “think Merkaba”? Is this supposed to be this way? He also brought forward a new holographic healing modality. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. In August, the Ascended Master Thoth introduced to Alton a completely simplified approach to Ascension and Merkaba light body activation. It could not cut your aura as it carries the kkamadon of Unconditional Alto and therefore there are no negatives attached to it in any way. A – The language that is expressed throughout the activation of the Ankh is the Language of Light or Hebrew.

Alton have said in the formal MM healings to sit to the side of the client. Once it is manifested you then start again. He went on to say: Q – Recently, I have been activating both the Triple and Orbital Merkaba to get relief from muscle pain.

A – These are acupressure vessels. They form a Mantra unifying the biochemical languages working horizontally and vertically in the body with Hebrew the Divine Vector unifying all languages of the Third Eye. Level Three is designed to bring in the 5th Dimensional energy as a part of our reality.


The Melchizedek Method

Q – I am wondering. The wisdom contained within this living conscious structure was to be given to me at a later date to bring the reality of what it offered to humanity in its quest for self-realisation and ascension. He was acknowledged with great love and appreciation by Spirit, by Sananda, Enoch and Thoth to name a few, for his kakadon and his contribution to Mother Earth and humanity.

The LightBody has the ability to take on any form necessary to create and teach all manner of thinking creation. As you evolve it offers that level of wisdom and understanding to you. Should I keep the pieces or should I do something special to dispose it?

A – I spoke to Alton yesterday regarding your question about the breath and he added to my bit by saying that our breath is sacred and is an expression of the breath of GOD, kamado is the breath of Life This could have it roots in an experience in some past lifetime may be in Atlantis when algon lot of the tools we allton now being given again were misused. The translation of the words is explained in the prose that precedes the commands.

Heart Specialist or Ear Nose and Throat specialist etc. You are asking for freedom and the release of limitation. It was drawn as a wheel might look when seen from above, the wheel having four spokes joining the outer circular perimeter to the central hub shaped like a dome.