Documents, presets, manuals Alesis MidiVerb III – Audiofanzine. ALESIS MidiVerb 3 (M3) Service Manual P/N: 4-A ATTENTION! THIS DOCUMENT CONTAINS SENSITIVE PROPRIETARY INFORMATION. Does anybody have a PDF of the instruction manual and effects chart for the MidiVerb III?.

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Confidential Alesis Service Manual A Safety Instructions Carefully read the applicable items of the operating instructions and these safety suggestions before using this product.

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Consequently, data can be “stored” into a latch simply by writing a value into a nonexistent memory location. Also featuring gear in this article.

As explained earlier, the maximum ms delay is available only in the last two configurations 14 and 15which do not include any reverb effect. And despite its inherent limitations the delay section acquits itself too – even below the ms mark, you can coax enough slapback echo and ADT effects out of it to make it earn its keep.

The newest a,esis revisions incorporate the reset on the board. Of course, in practice, being restricted to mono delays means little more than not being able to set up those intensely irritating ping-pong’ effects which seem to crop up on most units these days if you think you’ve just unearthed an underlying prejudice of mine, you’d be right.

The chart on the following page was created in an effort to relieve the beleaguered technician from having to “discover” some of the common faults we have seen. Replace only with the same or equivalent type recommended by the manufacturer. Small Print Terms of use Privacy. A total of 24 algorithms are available, divided equally between chorus and flanging effects.

All audio inputs are high impedance for optimum signal matching to external gear, miidverb this may include a directly connected midivrb if you’re prepared to put up with a little extra noise.


Previous article in this issue: Diagram 4 shows the basic timing of these events. Whatever the reason, the user as is so often the case with mass-market equipmenthas come out on top, and with the current crop of machines offering three or four simultaneous bit stereo effects at about the same price you’d have paid for a unit with three or four different 8-bit reverb patches a few years ago, there seems little for us to complain about.

Alesis MidiVerb 3 Manuals

There’s no doubt that the specifications of the Midiverb III – the latest in Alesis’ range of budget reverbs – would put your average double bucking, tube screaming, electric cry-baby effects pedal to shame: Nigel Lord checks the latest incarnation of Alesis’ standard-setting reverb. Music Technology – Mar You shall not make any warranties or guarantees with respect to the products of Alesis or the use thereof on behalf of Alesis or in your own name.

This is due to the fact that propagation delay times are not only significant, but inherently part of the design. Danger of explosion if battery is incorrectly replaced. Accidentally shorting pins 7, and 8 together will instantly result in a dead ASIC. Each significant binary weight starting with the Most Significant Bit is taken in turn, thus requiring only 16 comparisons to achieve a final value.

A small piece of electrical tape on the case top, above the choke, or hot glue applied in a thin layer to the top of the choke should alleviate this situation. These are accessed by first selecting the relevant effects button and then pressing the Edit button once for the first parameter, and again for the second. Later, the circuit was incorporated into the main PC Board.

Full text of ” Alesis: This is done to ensure that data and address lines have had time to settle before the SRAM is accessed. Other than there, and in the power supply, you really can’t do any harm with a scope probe, so explore. Do not place the product near heat sources such as stoves, heat registers, radiators or other heat producing equipment. Once again, we’re looking at a facility which has been included primarily as a means of producing more convincing reverb effects, but it does have its place in tailoring the overall sound of the unit, which for those without individual EQ controls on the effects loops on their mixing desks and so on, should prove quite useful.


Please note that there are several different board revisions, so differences will be noticed from unit to unit. OaaaaaaaB first byte bits OOOOOObB second byte bit 7 in bit 0 The first transmitted bytes actual bytes consist of the programseach aless 16 bytes. The address will be presented to the SRAM when appropriate. These should be affixed to the main PCB we recomend using hot glue.

The address lines are again decoded when A15 is active.

When this circuit is functioning incorrectly, a complete lock-up of the machine, will occur. The chorus and flanging effects, though not the most convincing I’ve ever heard, are certainly very usable, especially at the more subtle end of the range.

Foreign Objects and Liquids.

It mannual this status by virtue of being programmable – which the Midiverb II is not – but having fewer effects and a slightly less impressive spec than the Quadraverb.

The M3 also utilizes a double buffering system to ensure smooth operation, i. Bytes through are as follows: