Music has always been esteemed for its power to speak directly to our higher consciousness. Alain Danielou traces the development of musical scales and. In this book, Alain Danielou traces the development of musical scales and tuning from their origins in both China and India, through their merging in ancient. Music and the Power of Sound by Alain Danielou, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Thus is born harmony, which is the art of superimposing sounds. Roshni rated it liked it Apr 22, The vocal cords, which every singer possesses, do not allow unlimited freedom.

Music and the Power of Sound | Book by Alain DaniƩlou | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Only on this basis can modes be logically constructed and their expression precisely defined. During the third moon all beings are renewed. T he y a n g influx begins to give place to the y in influx.

He therefore, it is said, who off or vocally utters with creative force the natural name of anything brings into being the thing which bears that name. It is necessary, if we want to act upon die represented elements, to evolve from the motionless to the moving, from the angular to the circular, from the square to the circle.

But if we habitually use inaccurate intervals on the grounds that danie,ou ear does not clearly perceive the difference, the effect that those sounds will produce on our organism can well be the opposite of that which our complacent ears persist in accepting. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Indians do not approve of such a lack of sensitivity; ragas of the night should be played at night, and those of the dawn at dawn.

In the universe nothing happens by chance, there is no spontaneity; all is influence powef harmony, accord answering accord. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

This system makes the comparison of intervals very easy. Therefore, some philosophers assert that the soul is a harmony.

Music and the Power of Sound : Alain Danielou :

But as we have already seen, this does not apparently disturb later scholars when they want to impose their prejudices. Westerners also divide the octave into twelve, danieloi do not proceed with the logical implications of this division as the Chinese do.


This is because the numbers that form the first harmonics conform to the universe as our senses can perceive it. The resulting tuning is shown in example In this season winter solsticethe y a n g influx, male and hot, is hidden in the earth. Skip to content Search for: Things are different in magic, where the absolute precision of a mathematical interval is necessary to produce the desired phenomenon, but for a musical evocation, the simpler acoustic intervals are sufficient.

This division of the octave into twenty-two intervals has been considered arbitrary by modern Sanskritists and musicologists, who have written the most amusing abuses against it. Scott rated it it was hte Jul 13, Grosset, like many others, takes poaer sruti’! It is always to such variations that the fortune or the fall of dynasties can be attributed. Ritual music must necessarily follow the rules imposed by m arga theory.

The musicians of antiquity understood scales to be either cycles of simple intervals Chinaarrays of varying intervals around a central pitch Indiaor a combination of the danieluo Greece. Adnielou potent harmonic relationships offer a way for today’s musicians to transcend the limitations of our overly rationalistic musical system and fashion a synthesis with the metaphysical roots of the most eternal of arts.

Music and the Power of Sound : The Influence of Tuning and Interval on Consciousness

To them it seems essential to maintain order and harmony in our material world, and to achieve the perfect proportions in individual and social life that only the knowledge of the subtle correspondences between things can allow, harmonizing dahielou with the help of appropriate sounds. If you like books and love to build cool products, we may be looking for you.

Any one of these methods of construction resulted in a multitude of contrasting scales, each capable of expressing distinct emotional and spiritual states. We see therefore that, although the Arabs use only limmas and commas to establish their scale, they supplement the lack of the mudic form of certain flats and sharps by the superposition of several plagal forms.

But according to the material used alaun the means employed to cause the vibration, certain harmonics may resound more strongly than others. Each tetrachord xound the enharmonic genus, containing eight, one, and one dieses, dainelou divided by different authors as in example W e can unfortunately only glance at it here.


Billy marked it as to-read Apr 14, In this modem scale, the Greeks would have called E Ga the fundamental. The ear cannot perceive air [which is perceived by the sense of touch], therefore the Mrnmmsakas the exponents of mtrmmsa, the philosophical system of Jaimini consider that air waves [literally, alternations of pressure and decompression], and consequently sounds, are not perceived by the ear as an air vibration.

According to the rules of existing modal systems, there can be ov mode corresponding to poeer chromatic scale as it is here represented following the interpretation of Western scholars. The classical treatises generally describe seventy-two principal ragas, to which are added derived ragas reaching a total of several hundred. This does not in any way alter the order of the notes in these murchanas.

One and eound are the numbers of water shelled species. Free eBook offer available to NEW subscribers only. And this is why it was the seven-stringed lyre that symbolized the beauty or the harmony of the spheres. If we divide that interval of eight savarts into two, we obtain, according to Western interpretation, the enharmonic sharp or quarter tone and the major enharmonic sharp three-quarter tone distant from the neighboring sounds in the scale by four savarts, or slightly less than a comma.

It is the necessary basis of any serious study. Each tetrachord of the chromatic genus is thus divided into a minor third and a tone, as in example 22, the Indian raga D urga.

T he logarithm of two being 0. The day is further divided into eight watches praharas of three hours each and, further, into twenty-four hours twice twelveassimilated to the twelve regions of the octave, the signs of the zodiac, and so on.