Aku-Aku, the Secret of Easter Island describes Thor Heyerdahl’s research at Rano Raraku & Anakena on their many giant stone statues. The book & later film . Results 1 – 30 of 60 AKU-AKU – The Secret of Easter Island by heyerdahl, thor and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at. En el conocido etn√≥grafo y aventurero Thor Heyerdahl organiz√≥ una AKU AKU, en su momento un best-seller internacional, es un relato de los.

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Might all go well for the expedi- tion, and might all the men and women on the island do everything in their power to help us, for even if we had not all auk same creed as they, we were all Christians with the same ideals.

El muchacho llevaba un tosco mapa dibujado por su padre en un pedazo de papel. Other- wise the whole village would soon heywrdahl over to us. No existe nada similar en las decenas de millares de islas esparcidas por el inmenso Pacifico.

The figure was always exactly the same, whether it was large or small.

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All the carvings were faultlessly executed, and so highly polished that they were like porcelain to the touch. He was followed closely by the goggle-eyed grinning head of a ghostlike wooden figure, which was maneuvered up the lad- der by a native in a white sailor’s cap. It was always impossible to find the concealed entrance. Some other men also built an open boat and were planning to go to sea, allegedly to fish. Empezamos a mirarle de una manera distinta.


Aku-Aku: The Secret of Easter Island

They elect me again every time. Corrimos hacia el siguiente pozo, y luego hacia el otro.

Many of the men on the ledges of the cliff had wooden figures heyerrdahl bags, but no one tried to show anything. When the captain had submitted the list of the ship’s company, and the doctor a certificate of good health, there were no more for- malities.

Gente rica que posee numerosas cuevas. Pero ahora no recordamos ya todo lo que vemos a nuestro alrededor, y por eso la isla de Pascua ha dejado de ser la isla de Pascua. Yo aaku seguro de que no se moverla para nada.

This white man showed by his bearing that he was a prominent person in the community, and the Dutchmen thought that he might be a priest.

American origin for some Easter Island plants hyeerdahl the Totora reeds in the islands’ three crater lakes which are now recognised as a separate species to the ones in Lake Titicaca. The governor had found the boat full of water cans, and he smelled hwyerdahl rat. Behrens, who was on board the other ship, tells us that when the sun rose next morning they could see the natives on shore lying prostrate and worshiping the sunrise, and they had lighted hundreds of fires which the Dutchmen thought were in honor of the gods.

Full text of “Thor Heyerdahl Aku Aku”

Por el camino no vio a nadie y, por tanto, no tuvo que ocultarse ni heyrrdahl sola vez. Suppose we had to go to an inaccessible rock or ledge, had we the means of reaching it? Then came the boatswain, the electrician, the deck boy, and the galley boy, with Arne Skjolsvold and Gonzalo.


Then we went out again toward the landing boat, which was waiting halfway between the ship and ourselves. These chronicles of exploring the truth behind mysterious Easter Island, or Rapa Nui meaning ‘Great Rapa,’ read as much like adventure as they do scholarship. My problem started half way throug I vacillated between two and three stars.

Aku Aku – Thor Heyerdahl

By that time the others were already clambering up onto the bottom of the capsized raft, and the seas were as normal as before. Sin embargo, existe otra posibilidad, que la ciencia ha admitido preferentemente. The best part for me was to learn how many Moais had to be literally dug out of the soil, and the theory Heyerdahl presented to explain how the Moais could be build.

Soplaba un viento muy fresco. Lucia una flamante camisa blanca y una corbata a rayas. No construyeron fortalezas ni castillos, diques ni muelles: Here he remains entombed in a hideous grip until he manages to twist himself round by heyerrdahl to enter a second horizontal funnel, where the walls suddenly disappear. Back I the days when libraries were the only source of getting information, I found a ragged and abused copy of this book in my high school’s library.