The qprt command creates and queues a print job to print the file you specify. . Note: The AIX operating system also supports the BSD UNIX print command. Download qprt-to-lp for free. qprt-to-lp is a simple wrapper script to pass AIX qprt commands to Linux CUPS lp command. This allows programs. To submit a print job to a queue, use either lp, lpr, or qprt. All the jobs will go to the AIX 5L features a number of commands and facilities to perform this task.

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The -r option will remove the files being printed after they have completed printing. Configuring a printer without adding a queue qprt command You can use the qprt command to add a printer or plotter without adding a six if you do not want to spool print jobs for the printer or plotter.

This command sends an echo request to the specified address. If this flag is not specified, one copy is printed.

Ed works by copying the specified filename to a temporary buffer, therefore making changes to that copy. The calendar program aid a daily reminder. The Value variable consists of a two-character string. Copies each print file and prints from the copy. If this option is not specified, any changes to the file specified on the command line will be written to the printout if made before the printer finishes printing the file.

Sets the pitch to Number characters per inch. If this flag is not specified, the pr command uses the print file name as the header. If no parameters are specified, lpq will display all the files on the default queue.

If no options are specified, AIX will show all processes belonging to the user’s current shell. You can remove an alias by using the unalias command.


Starting a Print Job (qprt Command)

The cd command can be used to change from qpt current directory to another directory. If you specify a subdirectory name that exists in the current subdirectory, AIX will change the working directory to the specified directory.

The -h option can be used to specify a topic for which you are requesting help. Specifies the bottom margin.

Configuring a printer without adding a queue (qprt command)

The value specified sets the number of commands history records. If no filename qqprt given, or if a hyphen – is given as a filename, cat will read from standard input.

Click on ‘Add a Print Queue’ Select ‘local’ from the select list. The default values for the spooling flags are included with the flag descriptions. The -f option will convert lowercase letters to uppercase before making the comparisons.

You must include the Indent variable in the page width specified by the -w flag. Using the -r flag you can remove a file after printing it.

To configure as a parallel printer, follow these instructions: Specifies whether lines wider than the page width should be wrapped to the next line or truncated at the right margin. You can also specify a directory to which the specified files are to be linked. This is one of the most useful AIX commands. The first parameter is the subdirectory in which AIX is to search.

For example, to request the myfile file to be printed on the first available printer configured for the default print queue using default values, type:. At this prompt, enter your userid. If no parameters are specified, AIX will let you change your password.

To configure as a network printer, follow these instructions:. Specifies a special functionality.

Configuring a printer without adding a queue (qprt command)

The syntax is the same for all three queuing commands, except that the -d flag instead of the -P flag should be specified with the lp command:. The -k-land -w options specify whether to count characters, lines, or words respectively.


Specifies a type style with the NameType variable. By default, renice effects only those processes of the current user. The -i option indent s the text the specified number of spaces.

If you specify the -k option, AIX will display a one-line synopsis of each manual entry which contains the specified title. If you do not specify any options, AIX will open your mailbox and display your awaiting ai messages. Description The qprt command creates and queues a print job to print the file specified by the File parameter. This validation is useful in checking for illegal flag values at the time of submitting a print job. When you use this command, AIX will verify that you want to delete the specified file.

The -n option can be used to specify what categories to search. The -c option will create a new archive file that includes those files specified by files. Sets the page width in number of characters. You can specify a 0 or a 1 for the PreviewOption qpry. AIX allows the use of several different shells. This has the effect of creating an alias. Identifies a file containing message text. If a filename was specified, more will also display the percentage of the file that has been displayed.

This command is used to display the first few bytes or lines of a file. The -f option will attempt to change the times regardless of the write permissions of the files. The bottom and top margins can be set by specifying the margin to be used with the -b and -t options respectively.