Air Raid (HTML) (Asimov’s, Spring ). A sample from this anthology. Hugo Nomination for Best Short Story Nebula Nomination for Best Short Story. Air Raid. Needed: People for repopulating a future humanity. Whom do you get? This short story was the basis for the novel (and screenplay and movie). This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License. Title: Air Raid Title Record # Author: John Varley Date: Type: SHORTFICTION.

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Dell Quantum Science Fiction 4. Peter Tillman rated it really liked it Mar 21, New Earth is Heaven, folks!

Goldmann Goldmann Science Fiction Alenka Sparrow rated it really liked it Jan 08, Three short story collections all amazing, my favorite work of his Ophiuchi Hotline fun “capstone” novel for the Eight Worlds stories The Gaea Trilogy Millennium post-screenplay, pre-release, none-dare-call-it-a-novelization of the film Steel Beach interesting new work, not exactly set in the same universe as the short fiction it appears to follow As best Akr can tell, the nightmare production of Millennium began way back around and didn’t finish until I knelt beside her, checked her pulse.

A couple of the work gang were pretty damn pooped by then. You can’t give them time to think, you have to rely on your status as the Nohn of Authority. Cole Jack rated it liked it Feb 19, Fat and sassy, all of them, and as unaware of living in a paradise as a fish is of the sea. I stepped to the side, out of her sight.

  AR 380-28 PDF

It took only a minute to mold it to perfection. Cool time travel short, make me wanna read its bigger cousin now.

It looked like a good team. Upon returning to her present our futureLouise is informed that the weapon that was left behind has caused a paradox and that it must be recovered to prevent a breakdown in ari fabric of time. The key is that it be speculative, not that it fit some arbitrary genre varely. This was in an anthology, it was written in the first person by the agent, and he barely made it off the plane before it crashed.

We taxied to the end of the runway, then we were airborne.

The time travelers can only take people that will have no further effect on the timeline: Brendan Kelly rated it it was amazing Mar 08, His most recent book is a major new novel, Steel Beach. I lit six of them, figuring I had five minutes of my very own.

Authors : Varley, John : SFE : Science Fiction Encyclopedia

But people don’t make a fuss until they have a lot more to go on. See this interviewfor example.

Mammoth is a nonseries Time Travel tale involving Cloned mammoths and an involuntary trip by its protagonists to the last ice age; they return to the middle of contemporary Los Angeles see Californiawhere the genuine mammoths they have in tow are shot dead, with the exception of one small mammoth they have named Little Fuzzy, in homage to H Beam Piper.

It was nominated for the Philip K. I sat up straight as the sludge I use for blood was replaced with supercharged go-juice. I abandoned the smile and squeezed off four quick shots. Elapsed time from the first alarm: There’s a full version to read here. I should have been happy, but who can afford it when you wake up?


At the time I was inhaling Varley early 90’she’d published: Do what the stewardess tells you. The short story is “Air Raid” by John Varley. As such incidents leave no survivors to report interference and change the timeline, they can freely remove the living but soon-to-die victims, and replace them with convincing corpses they have manufactured in the future.

Air Raid You are not logged in. When you get there, sixty to seventy percent will die in the first three years. Support the artists whose work you enjoy! I glanced back; everyone was gone, and three pink-suited wimps were piled on the floor. The gun made a sound like a flying saucer with hemorrhoids, spit sparks and little jets of flame, and extended a green laser finger to his forehead.

Time runs at different rates on each side of the gate, though it’s always sequential, past to future.


The John Varley Reader. Air Raid is a tight story that, as Varley put it when it was optioned for a motion picture, would have made a good episode of The Twilight Zone. The plane bumped, and she hit the floor. I hurried into the restroom and got both of us down raic the floor.