Aion Getting Started Guides; Guides for all New Aion Players. These guides Lots of people roll a cleric not realizing how slow it is. You got to look at the end. The Unofficial Aion Cleric Guide. Important. The short version. This document is a single-user license. Please don’t copy or share it. The long version. the issue is everybody makes new topic and wants to get FULL guide about gear, stigmas for each case of life. For cleric there are many sets.

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I still thank you for the list you’ve obviously put a lot of time and attention to detail with. You can have two physical dps counter sets, Block and Agility set. You still get the bundle depending on your rank. They’re second best in game as of 6.

Many ppl have told me that cleric need 4 sets at end game. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

Kubei’s guide for (and other things) – General Discussion – Aion Online

Just what is it we have to look forward to in 6x? I think i ended up opening a total of or so counting today’s contracts and did not get any more ancients past those that i got at around the mark.

I just want to make sure nothing glitched and that I am playing the xion version. When it comes to weapons it seems unchanged, and I know I was wrong on that since I went to double check. One alternative to the AP80 shield for Agility that I have to mention, although I strongly believe it is a superb waste of kinah, is the Celestial shield. I gotta say that’s a lot even for an experienced cleric.


Do your Luna instances, because NCWest will modify the drops and items obtainable in it. The availability of Stigmas in 6. Clerics can no longer use staves, just as Templars can’t use Greatswords anymore. Cradle of Eternity is 3-man and it gukde like a boss rush mode, you can practically solo it if you get a slightly better gear.

To damage in PvP, you need a knowledge set. No dual swords for Gladiators? Or just make it ArenaNet’s second title, since they know how to make a game too. It is true that melee classes have slow attack speed, but that’s redeemed a bit in later levels. Who cldric, maybe 7. If you teleported directly from Poeta to Heiron or from Ishalgen to Beluslan, then you’re playing the 6. Still not sure whether this was a bug or intentional. But you really guids to stock up on temperings to try that, unless you’re super lucky.

I downloaded the 6. First off for Block you will need Boundless Hope or Glory, both hard to get and a tad pricey guidee socket for the amount of use you can get out of it nowadays.

cleric TIPS

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That would be used if you are having trouble with a melee character. Don’t know what Vleric will do about it though, if anything.

Everywhere else except possibly Coe 1st boss it’s completely unnecessary once you’ve ran the instance a few times. Entered Frozen Monolith twice, shugo was there once, i gudie know if he had a box or not because i had just entered to see how duoable it was up until boss in yellow gear so i didn’t get to the boss. Please take it to your other threads. Cledic can’t use mace and shield and Clerics can’t use staves. For PvP you need sets that increase your PvP attack and defense. Register a new account.


But hey, at least it’s only on the max gear and EU did find a way to soft-fix this with the 40 Luna on every gold pack activation. For cleric there are many sets, so it will be very long guide. People said it rarely appears, aipn if it does, it does not drop anything.

Posted June 1 edited. It has a lot of pros and cons. Lowkey sorry if this is overwhelming, but you can check back and browse through the post if eventually you want to gear up to that point.

My cleric is 69 lvl now the set tthat i use: I read through it all ceric appreciate it a lot that you took your time to sum it up. X in another thread? Templars can’t use greatswords the same way Gladiators can’t use dual swords, only polearms. Weapons can be retuned aaion have attack speed too.

Gonna correct my original post. When I tried to find the selective identification on my KR account, it wasn’t there, I wonder if it’s because I used ancient grade? Because you have a gift box on level 75, it gifts you a beginner’s PvP set.