BBN Exclusive Interview with Ahmedin Jebel | Dr Abiy Ahmed Ustaz Ahmedin Jebel is Ethiopian religious writer and leader of Ethiopian Muslim. Tag Archives: Ahmedin Jebel. Ethiopia: Euphoria and mixed feelings as prisoners of conscience walk free. by Engidu Woldie ESAT News (February 14, ) A. Over political prisoners released including Ahmedin Jebel,Andualem Arage, Eskinder Nega, and Kinfemichael Abebe.

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But they made it and they made it with an outstanding commitment and remarkable flexibility in strategies. If 20 days incarceration continues to haunt one for more than five years, how long would Ahmedin Jebel and Ahmed Mustefa who suffered in jail for years have to wait before starting life afresh?

The role of social media and mobile messaging were immense and the way it was used was another history we proudly tell for generations to come.

My stay was too short to count but too hard to forget. Jumping in and out of scripture the author draws a picture, which at points looks like a blueprint, amedin how dictatorship is to be resisted, how dictators will react to such resistance, and what needs to be done to ensure success for the eventual realization of freedom, justice, and rights.

BBN Exclusive Interview with Ahmedin Jebel | Dr Abiy Ahmed

It is a real story of the oppressed being oppressed in broad daylight. Legitimacy at home is legitimacy abroad. I put on some of the new cloths I brought with me; brown trouser and thick winter black jacket. That moment was my last exist from home for the next 20 days. It is the real story of ordeal of peace loving Muslim Ethiopians by merciless despots. Imagine how the scene would look like: As Friday was approaching, tensions kept escalating. A source of peril or prosperity for the Somali Region?

He thus concludes that dictatorships are joint ventures between Ahmedinn and their subjects, and it is the responsibility of the people to stop rewarding bad behavior if they want to take back the power that is originally theirs.


BBN Exclusive Interview with Ahmedin Jebel | Dr Abiy Ahmed

Saturday morning, I was lying on my bed when I opened facebook to learn the latest developments. I was too eager to see the iconic earth-rocking loud protest, but I had to wait for Saturday July 21 to witness and personally experience the life-changing events that unfolded on that black Saturday.

On my way to the taxi station, I met my elder sister and told her where I was going. After describing what pharaonic regimes are, and closely following the story of Moses and Pharaoh, the author then describes how and why pharaonic regimes persist and how they can be successfully resisted. The Grand mosque and its surrounding were literally over flooded with tens of thousands of peace-loving oppressed Muslim Ethiopians.

Reviewed by Abadir M. Original Title in Amharic: As the Pharaoh-Moses story shows, it is better to keep state power away from religion as it is in the nature of the powerful to hijack religion and use it to achieve their own political ends.

I sincerely hope wee will be able to close this bitter chapter and move on. It was a sunny morning. He sees such communality as his personal ethical obligation ordained by the Quran in addition to being a necessary step which, if not taken, may lead to the disintegration of Ethiopian civil society and state.

One liberty that gets specific treatment is religious liberty which the author concludes requires a separation of religion and state for its proper protection. Addis Abeba, May 12, — The author wrote the book during his time in ahnedin, where he remains for over four and a half years at the time this review is published. Yet, he does not want to banish religion from the hearts and minds of political actors. Without directly mentioning Ethiopia, and even specifically stating that his ahmedkn is not meant aumedin refer to any specific country or regime, the author alludes to clear imageries of his own country as a pharaonic state.

The author chooses to write in a style typical of Ethiopian political conversation — one that is full of innuendo and allusion, leaving just enough room for deniability while at the same time allowing the reader to grasp the intended meaning. The scars of the inhumane treatments, the beatings, derogatory insults and blatant denial of justice I personally witnessed together with close to a thousand innocents souls still lives with me.

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Pharaohs become what they are primarily because their subjects let them. Despite the false accusations, heinous propaganda and brutal crackdown, we were unwavering in demonstrating to the nation and the world how people is power and how a neglected community can stand up when cornered and stifled.

The author describes in great detail how Pharaohs use intricate means of co-option, propaganda and coercion to stay in power ahmedim, and in an interesting move, lays most of the responsibility for the existence of pharaonic dictatorships at the feet of their subjects.

In the weeks I arrived from abroad the government had already started threatening, torturing and imprisoning protestors.

They prayed peace for their motherland, love for its people, coexistence with their neighbor, patience against the brutal crackdown and a repeated call for justice. At the end of the two day uproar for justice, the committee gave an appointment to convene in the first day of Ramadan, Friday Ahmexin 20, in the Grand Anwar mosque.

In retaliation, the angry Addis Abeba Muslims occupied the Grand Anwar mosque for the following two days.

The scar of the post-release trauma that snatched my sleep at night and triggered irresistible weeping still resonates with me. At the end of my first week, there was a crackdown on Awolia mosque at one misfortunes night. It is one of the first original book-sized works of Islamic literature authored in Amharic. The epiphany, the initial spark, which eventually led to the writing jebell an entire book, arose during the initial phase of his detention uebel he was being tortured.

My wife was washing clothes.