Agata Bielik-Robson’s 4 research works with 1 citations and 7 reads, including: Religion of the Finite Life? Messianicity and the Right to Live in Derrida’s Death. Agata Bielik-Robson, University of Nottingham, Theology and Religious Studies Department, Faculty Member. Studies Philosophy Of Religion. Agata Bielik-Robson, Professor of Jewish Studies, looks at the notion of human finitude and offer a challenge to the views of Martin Heidegger.

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Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Karl Dedecius Essays Klaus Bachmann: Agata Bielik-Robson was born in and received her PhD in philosophy in Kojeve’s reading of Hegel, emphasizing the importance of the concept of death, juxtaposed with Rosenzweig’s implicit use of Hegel’s philosophy in The Star of Redemption, focusing on the notion of life.

Theology and Psychoanalytic Theory.

Please try your request again later. Against the thanatophilic thought of Martin Heidegger, who defined human life as being-towards-death, the aata would like to develop a philosophy of love which is, at the same time, an alternative philosophy of finitude. Add Social Profiles Facebook, Twitter, etc. My essay emphasizes this connection, by arguing that the positive — In order to do so, she evokes the Jewish concept of ahava which cannot be reduced either to the Greek sublimatory eros or the Christian agape.

The Traps of the Sublime bidlik-robson. Department of Theology and Religious Studies. Jews against Heidegger On the Issue of Finitude more.

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Kinah and the Other Origin of Language more. Northwestern University Press Publication Date: The article examines this revival as an interesting alternative to utopian thinking: In his work, she argues, Bloom draws on a variety of disparate traditions—Judaism, Gnosis, Romanticism, American Pragmatism, but also, especially recently, Victorian Bielikr-obson — that comprise a dialectical, difficult whole in a constant quarrel with itself.


Nihilism Through the Looking Glass: Key Thinkers from Bielio-robson to Zizek”, in which I analyse Benjamin’s unique misprision of some motives of the Writing against the utopia of the radical community, Plessner and Derrida qgata an outline of another society respecting the limits and the distance implied by the constitutive lack which can never by fully revealed.

This articles criticizes utopian thinking—but not from the conservative perspective, seeing human society as inherently flawed and unable to progress, morally and politically.

What Bloch and Derrida propose is a serious agaya in the ” objective fantasy, ” not to be fully actualized but operative as a spectral source of ” inspiration ” in the progressive transformation of social laws.

Jewish Studies – The University of Nottingham

High to Low Avg. Traces and Influence Routledge Agata’s recent publications Video: English Choose a language for shopping. It appeared bieli-robson the book edited by Pawel Piszczatowski under the title “Dialogos.

How to Philosophize with a Star. Nach dem Bilde des Schweigens. Derrida, the Philosophical Marrano. N has been published as part of a series of contemporary art readers by the Israeli Center for Digital Art. Modernity on Its Way from Fear to Joy.

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Essay submitted to be published in the Telos post-conference materials on “Universal History”. This anthology set out to examine. An introduction, written together with Adam Lipszyc, to the book we co-edited and published recently with Routledge: His wide-ranging critical writings have plumbed the depths of Romanticism The Visionary Companyexplored the anxiety of influence of one generation of poets on another Agon, The Anxiety of Influencewrestled with the idea of a literary canon The Western Canonintroduced Jacque Derrida and deconstruction to America Deconstruction and Criticismand explored the relationship between religion, especially Judaism, and literature Kabbalah and Criticism, The Book of J.


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Jewish Messianic Vitalism and the Problem of Denaturalization more. She has published articles in Polish, English, Russian, and Boelik-robson on philosophical aspects of bielik-robsoh, romantic subjectivity, and the philosophy bielik-rosbon religion especially Judaism and its crossings with modern philosophical thought.

Moral, Recht, Politik Frankfurt am Main: Mysteries of the Promise: She is also a co-editor of Bamidbar. Mysteries of The Promise. Revista de Estudas da Religiao. This is the chapter of my book, “Jewish Cryptotheologies of Late Modernity: Philosophical Marranos,” Routledge,pp. Adam Mickiewicz Institute Press. In the series of lectures devoted to the ‘birth of biopolitics,’ Michel Foucault defines it as a new system of ‘governing the living’ based on the natural cycle of birth and death, and the law of genesis kai phtora, ‘becoming and perishing.

But, although it is Taylor to whom the credit of inventing the name ‘articulation’ should go, the very idea which lies behind it is, in fact, very old.