Details zu Advanced Heroquest Dungeon Tiles Mix 1. Advanced Heroquest New Dungeon Tiles Dungeon Tiles, Game Boards, Board Games, Jumping Jacks. Visit . Hero Quest Tiles by Panperkin on deviantArt. The nature of this copyright violation is scanned tiles, cards and books from boardgame Advanced HeroQuest, with its expansion, released in the middle 90′ ies.

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These require a bit more work to use, since cutting out the “puzzle lock” sections especially if matted on cardboard can be tricky. There are plenty of ways to get this done – here is mine: Looking forward to getting my hands on this excellent work.


I wouldn’t worry until someone else complains! It might take more time for you to download only one file at a time, but it will also not force me to ditch this website. Deluxe Tiles by Ron Shirtz! Gunz Rod November 20, at Can these files be downloaded as regular PDF files? Malm July 9, at 2: The Knight and Dwarf are from the original box and the Elf is from the Advanced Hetoquest Paint-set – one of the Wizards is from either Warhammer Quest or Talisman I toles remember which and the other is a Darksword miniature.


Not much of cours, but i’ll add them in some corners for variation. Hey can you email me?

Another small change – this time to the Dungeon Generation tables. I now have most of the original Skaven from the Advanced Heroquest rulebook, though I still need a handful. Thanks for the great variant also. I decided I can’t have a proper Advanced Heroquest blog advancec painting up at least a few of the original miniatures.

Results of hosting theese files, and the effect of the use on the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work adcanced not be judged as decreased profit. Newer Posts Older Posts Home.


Here are my first Skaven, ready for play. Is there some way of resolving this problem?

The Rulebooks all seem to download well, but the majority of the tiles, with the exception of the Phoenix Landing tile, are unable to be downloaded. The Dungeon Master himself has finally assembled all of his Advanced Heroquest modifications in one no nonsense, right to the point, web site.

Most spells are combat spells. Monday, March 6, Broken Downloads – now fixed!

I am hoping to try this with my tilss group. Posted by Gunz Rod at 3: It has a great aesthetic and unfortunately i can’t get ‘letter’ sized paper in my part of the world.


They were fired-up to encounter some monsters and new rooms but kept rolling corridor after corridor. Keep in mind, this is the floor of a dungeon haha! Slev managed an expansive reshaping, far beyond my skill level, and every diehard fan should check it out.

Been doing some refreshers with Solo Play, with the hope of roping a few others in once i’m practiced enought!

Ye Olde Inn

The eyes are my least favorite part of the sculpt but overall it was rather disappointing haha. But none of the spells stack in such a way that this would be very useful regardless. Tuesday, March 17, Slev’s Advanced Heroquest site!

They took me several nights of work, which was admittedly longer than I had intended, but in the end it’s still a quick and dirty paint job. I will be redoing at least the bases as soon as I am able to paint again!

They’re not bargains to print, but they are reasonable, especially if you have several herpquest since you can save on shipping.