Professor Adrian Horridge’s research interests include the role of the nervous system in behaviour. His particular specialty was in understanding natural visual . Professor Adrian Horridge is distinguished for the combination of electron microscopy, neuro-anatomy and electrophysiological analyses of coordination in . Adrian Horridge of Australian National University, Canberra (ANU) with expertise in: Zoology, Ecology and Entomology. Read publications, and contact.

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Adrian Horridge | RSB

All the photographs are taken by me, and in one of the books I did all the drawings. We applied to the university and got excellent funding, and established postdocs and students and so on, and the Centre for Visual Sciences is still running.

Back to top A great work on the invertebrate nervous system I gather that shortly after you returned from the Red Sea and took up your appointment in St Andrews, you received an invitation to write a book in the United States.

I asked the Russians if I could go to Tbilisi, in Georgia, to see a famous Russian biologist, Beritashvili, who had worked with Pavlov, and they agreed. So I was always out in Derbyshire, and then camping in the Lake District, which was only an hour or two away by motorbike, and north Wales.

Fujitsu used the software, however, playing the equations backwards.

Journal of Insect Physiology. Lately, he showed that bees detect simple features, not shapes, and distinguish coloured patterns by the arrangement of edges causing modulation in green and blue receptors, combined with monochromatic content of blue.

What is the contribution of the two? Naked axons and symmetrical synapses in an elementary nervous system. They purchased three or four nice little model helicopters with a range of a few kilometres, and they have now put insect vision onto them.


Professor Adrian Horridge

A template theory to relate visual processing to digital circuitry. We were looking very hard at ways of using the covalent bond to maximise the strength of materials, because if you use the covalent bond then your specific strengths, dividing by the specific gravity, jump by a factor horidge about Insects are — like us — incredibly sensitive at that operation.

It was a very good move. Receptor sensitivity and polarized light sensitivity Journal of Comparative Physiology.

The significance of the angle subtended by the target Journal of Insect Physiology. Burrows MHorridge GA. The Americans had a ship called the Alpha Helixa fine vessel. They’ve got insect vision downward looking and they have another form of insect vision upward looking to stabilise against the horizon as they fly, to give them a general view of the whole horizon.

What were they like?

Is that the only source of the noise — nothing within the system itself? I went to the chief technician’s little office and was given a key to a room on the second floor — and that’s all I got.

Professor Adrian Horridge, neurobiologist

Every week I had to go round and find somebody to take to the theatre, and quite a number of young ladies jumped at the chance of a good theatre ticket! For a psychologist, headless learning is quite something! Well, in I published 26 papers. Physiological Entomology 28, Butler R, Horridge Horridte. Pigment movement and the crystalline threads of the firefly eye. We had nothing to do but study — if necessary, we could work all night.


Meinertzhagen, who had been working on that, was very keen on working on the development of the nervous system behind the eye. Perhaps I shouldn’t tell you the next bit. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London.

And I was very fortunate that a monk in the Philippines told me that the Atheneum in Manila had a manuscript written by a Spaniard in about about boat construction in the early Philippines. I started also a group working on development of the nervous system of insects.

The story extended then to how the original design and construction methods of East Asian and Pacific boats was a compromise between the weak material and the forces they had to sustain, and how sailing upwind was no problem to the original Polynesians in their maritime invasion of the Pacific.

These were some of our early discoveries. The electrophysiology of the retina of Periplaneta americana L. By the time I was about 14, I had become a Scout patrol leader and was used to running camps as a quartermaster, in charge of equipment and so on, so I had to report to the school as early in the morning as possible after an air raid to give out soap, towels, nappies and other things that were needed by people who had come in on the bus.

Pattern vision in honeybees Apis mellifera: Oh, there is intrinsic noise too.