Richard Addinsell. Publisher: Novello & Co. Warsaw Concerto (). Publisher. EMI Music Publishers Ltd. Category. Soloist(s) and Orchestra. Year Composed. Richard Addinsell. Warsaw Concerto for piano & orchestra (for the film ” Dangerous Moonlight”/”Suicide Squadron”). Composition Information ↓; Description.

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Music from the Motion Pictures. The piece is never heard in its entirety in the film, revealing itself in bits and pieces as the story progresses.

Rhapsody in Blue; Addinsell: Come Back to Me: The effort is supremely skillful, the music graceful, and not overly self-indulgent; it is worth noting that many similar pastiches that appeared in films and on discs over the course of the next two decades have all been basically waraaw, leaving Addinsell ‘s Warsaw Concerto to mark the genre. The Greatest Classical Show on Earth.

The Hall of Fame, Vol. A Celebration of Excellence.

Richard Addinsell’s Warsaw Concerto: ‘bloody awful’?

Leonard Bernstein extracted three scenes from the musical for concert performance, explaining: Symphony Select Season Tickets have never been easier.

But finish it he does.

Gazing intently at Carol and disclosing “something lovely you’ve just given me”, he introduces the lyrical second theme of the Concerto. Great Film Themes in Original Versions. The Classic Concerto, Vol.

Richard Addinsell

Classics addinselll British Light Music. For the Fun of it All! Within the context of its story, Dangerous Moonlight is also effective in creating the impression of a larger work written and performed by the film’s fictional composer and pianist.


Sometimes a piece of music appears at just the right time and in just the right context to become an indelible part of peoples’ experience and memories.

Only one movement was actually written by Addinsell. The Classic Movie Concertos. According to Roy Douglasat that time orchestrator for all of Addinsell’s scores: The full resources of the American and British film industries were thrown into the creation of war movies ranging from newsreels and documentaries to dramas, romances, and comedies set in the conflict. Let’s Stay in Touch Online Enjoy our concerts? In his appearance on Desert Island DiscsGuy Gibsonleader of the Dambusters raid, asked for it as his first choice.

Warsaw Concerto – Wikipedia

The Film Music of Richard Addinsell. It is the opening of his Warsaw Concertoat this point a work in progress, and the first line he says to her is, “It is not safe to be out alone when the moon is so bright” referring to the moonlight bombing raids.

The composer, Richard Addinsellwas born in London and initially studied law before turning to a career in addlnsell. Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini; Shostakovich: The prelude plays over the opening credits and is in the grand tradition of English marches with which Walton showed such skill.

Join our email list for up-to-date concert information, first dibs at sales, and special events. The themes are found as underscoring throughout the film, and in this way a brief concert piece gains a dramatic resonance that belies its small scale.

Dangerous Moonlight takes place at the start of World War II and tells the story of a Polish concert pianist and composer, Stefan Radecki Anton Walbrook who defends his country by becoming a fighter pilot. The original idea of the filmmakers one of whom, Terence Young, would go on to direct three out of the first four James Bond films was reportedly to use Rachmaninov ‘s Piano Concerto No. The tragedies and triumphs of war have inspired composers to some of their greatest work.


And, indeed, this warsaaw is always associated with Carol. The fugue is derived from a sequence showing the assembly of the first Spitfire, with interwoven lines and counterpoint musically describing the intricate interaction of the mechanical parts as they come together. Music Inspired By the Events of the 20th Century.

Richard Addinsell – Warsaw Concerto () – Music Sales Classical

Original Film Music Themes Music from these films often managed to gain a life of its own, both on the radio and in the concert hall. And so with Dangerous Moonlight it was rightly decided to have a piece of music specially written, that could be used to become associated in the mind of the audience with Poland, air raids in Warsaw, and whatever the director wanted to suggest. There is communal dancing, a scene in a souvenir arcade, and a scene in the Roseland Dance Palace.