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When kids color their hearts! Perhaps you’ve been planted. Pero tal vez has sido plantado. Some photos of my exhibition me artist exhibition art drawings paintings medicalillustration medart anatomy anatomyart body humananatomy humambody body medicine medycna nauka icecongresscentre 19 4: The facial and neck muscles!

Trying to find the best way in to share various Health related issues through poems in a creative,entertaining,well perceived and impactive way straight from the first week of Would someone out there join this initiative? Hubert Robert Paris A Roman capriccio with a ruined rotunda Under the influence of Giovanni Paolo Panini, Robert developed his own interpretation of the Roman architectural capriccio and for his mastery of the genre was famously dubbed by Denis Diderot as ‘Robert des ruines’.

In this large watercolor, the artist chose an oval format in order to enhance the monumentality of the tholos, the round temple surrounded by a colonnade. In his Gypsies in the Temple of Vesta offor instance, Fragonard adopted a similar oval format and the same architectural setting, with figures gathered in the temple around a fire Private collection, Paris; see J.

Robert a Roma, exhib. While Fragonard was drawn to the representation of human life and anecdotal narratives, Robert approached the scene more from an archaeological point of view, exemplified by his attention to the architectural details of the tholos: Not quite an anatomy colouring book but still Block 1 revision – blood supply to the foregut.

Grace au medecine on sais que le notre rempli 3 mission principales, le moins connu c’est la mission protection parexemple: Been talking a lot recently with people about WORK. It’s been so awesome to see friends this past year make choices to pursue purpose over paychecks, even when society and superiors think we are making mistakes.

Our generation, not exculsively, but it’s where I’m seeing it right now is choosing to differentiate “work” and “job”. These recent conversations, paired with diving into marleegrace new book “How to Not Always Be Working” has got me re-evaluating how I organize my life between work – job – and rest.

Its always changing, always shifting, but at this point, my WORK is this: My JOB soboczynnski different. I am a freelance artist, and part time Occupational therapist.


Adam Soboczynski

Sometimes my work and job overlap, but where I need to draw better boundaries is in the realm of REST Neuron journal cover Dec Regeneration failure vetdad neurological diseases is attributed to a hostile environment that is not permissive to repair. They found that fibrinogen activates BMPreceptor signaling in oligodendrocyte progenitorcells and it can be targeted therapeutically to promote remyelination. This image represents extravasation of fibrinogen in the brain through a damagedbrain bloodvessel leading to a dysregulated neurovascular progenitor niche and a non-permissive environment for repair.

So it just struck me today that I should talk about something that almost all sobooczynski us students I mean face at some point. I’ve been quite lazy these days regarding studies, being a little less harsh on myself. It’s kinda like a guilty pleasure verdsd I know I’m gonna regret this a lot later.

I am sure most of us feels the same at various points of our lives. I mean we are all humans right? But it’s also essential to make time for yourself, nurture your mental health and most importantly do whatever makes you happy. After all, you’ll never get back these adaj again.

So make the most out of your present moments, spend time with friends and families, stay happy and healthy. Happiness is the key. Do whatever makes you happy and all other things will turn out to be just fine.

Medication time poppingpills medart richardoliverartist 19 1 2 days ago. DNA chain look and feel development by newtstudios dna chain dnachain digitalart art cg zbrush sciart 3d 3dmodel sovoczynski microscope render medicine science human body microworld organic micro biology anatomy medart hcsm hitsm design 95 0 2 days ago.

How it is made? Guys, may I introduce you my newest project – anatomy of human hand. I made 3 illustrations showing muscles, tendons and ligaments layer after layer.

Polski Tango by Adam Soboczynski

Those sets are for sale so if you are interested, let me know! The days are getting colder, have a warm heart. Quick 20 min time-lapse of inking and some colouring on a drawing – tried to draw the same heart twice, one as it sits in the body and one soboczyneki the circulatory system. Anatomy is basically just plumbing! Thank you for your support! Feedback-mechanism of hypo- and hyperthyroidism part of my thesis.

El arte de no decir la verdad (Adam Soboczynski) [UB]

Zephyr, the Greek god of the west wind, was the bringer of spring and summer breezes, as well as being the attendant of Cupid who brought Psyche to his master, enabling their marriage. During the s Solomon was much pre-occupied with both Greek mythological subjects and androgynous profile heads, and the combination here dd typical of the date, as is the sensitive and fluid red chalk Abstract Angiography Acrylic paint marker on canva-paper. Testing out some new brush markers! Counts as revision, right?


Advanced Materials journalcover May Some old histology notes!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. My first illustration for the journal Endoscopy got published this week. It is part of a series highlighting landmark papers published in that journal. Endoscopic treatments for gastrointestinal bleeding: Is it too punny to wish you Consult my declr post if anyone tells you to not eat more pie – they’re wrong. It’s a matter of survival.

Polski Tango

What’s your families dessert specialty? We use my Nan’s recipe to make creme-de-menthe squares every year! Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the famous writer and creator of the beloved character Sherlock Holmes, was a medical doctor before becoming an author. The whole system of teaching, as I look back upon it, seems far too oblique and not nearly practical enough for the purpose in view.

The top cervical vertebrae! From our Helix family to yours: The atlas or verad vertebra 1 C1 carries the head! Depicted here is the cervical curve.

It is formed by the 7 cervical vertebrae. Drcir your head down for studying or working can compromise this curve and cause neck and back pain. A regular yoga practice can prevent this from happening or relieve the pain. Primeros pasos en medicalart medart artemedico surgeon surgeryroom quirofano guardiahospitalaria anesthesia bajoanestesia anestesia surrealism surrealismo surrealart artesurreal acrilycpaint acrilyconcanvas canvas lienzo 22 4 After the planner recommendations I got yesterday, I can’t stop thinking about and all the things I want to do!

Real mental health talk though: I think after fighting an acute POTS flare for so long, my brain kinda got stuck in an automatic loop of “no I can’t do that. You did two day shows. But enough about my not-so-little win: I want to hear yours! What did you do this week that you’re proud of? Also what Ennaegram are you? No battle too big. Fight like a kid. Remember when I said my season was done? I’m looking for a new planner Anybody have a favorite?! A Great day towards a Bright future Where is my mind.