Source: ADAC Customer satisfaction 1 Subaru 2 Toyota 3 Honda 4 Daihatsu Fahrzeuge der Baujahre Platz Mittelklasse Rückrufe | Autokummerkasten | Aktuelle Umfrage Praxistest | Pannenstatistik Springer, London, STARTS Guide. The STARTS Pannenstatistik ADAC e.V., München, Aggarwal, K. Reliability engineering. Renault committed to a robust and continuous quality approach in been rated as “good” and then “excellent” by ADAC Pannenstatistik.

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In any case, the consensus tends to be that their numbers from the eighties and nineties are good, but that after that it gets more questionable:. Mercedes C Class seems to do well. Should we be wary? Does Mercedes provide free roadside assistance in Europe like they do here, and do they contract with someone other than ADAC?

And incidentally Pannen means breakdown, so these are actual breakdown stats. The economy brands offer it as an option which will often entail slower and less comprehensive service than ADAC.

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Please note that these materials are for editorial use only. The vast majority of problems are flat batteries or other starting problems, very rarely anything mechanical. Mazda6 looks very good. But the number pannendtatistik the eighties and nineties are considered by the automotive manufacturers as very accurate. Would a payment to a third party for minor damage caused in a car park need to be reported to my insurer?


ADAC Crashtest – Cabrio-Rollover

Avatars by Sterling Adventures. What this is saying is that Lagunas should be avoided like the plague and indeed pannenstxtistik much worse than the cars, which are much better despite being a year olderwhereas something like the Mazda 6 remains impressively reliable long-term.

By Paul Niedermeyer on January 20, That sounds like BS. Classic Car Insurance Comparison Site. That sums up how I feel about it now. Pretty much any car is reliable enough for me to consider.

Lets look at Le Mans and how many attempts results 0. W and W tops the lists of its class pannenstatjstik year, until und the arrival of the W Eighties and nineties absolutely neutral. Still, the German brands fare a lot better than pannenstatsitik would expect from all the noise over here.

With a goddamn funnel! This year my next door neighbor got stranded four times in her 65oi due to faulty steering lock and had it lemon-lawed.

The cars covered nearly 5 million kilometers in an array of weather and road conditions in order to validate all types of customer use. Technically you are correct, but I follow similar statistics, sometimes as part of my job. Volvo, Pannenstatisgik and Volkswagen seems to be middle of the road, so to speak. I am fluent in German so would like to think I can follow all these German websites. I for one am shocked!

On a different angle more people are employed directly and indirectly in the motor zdac in england er nosorry in Germany than any other. Martin, here is my comment from your post two years ago: The Latest MoT Reminder.


And the Saturn L based on an Opel design, equally awful and built here. They’ve become a mediocre brand which pqnnenstatistik dissapointing for a company which used to be so strong. In common parlance, breakdown would be an acceptable translation but not in this technical context. Sat 9 Dec It’s not measuring reliability though. With a particular focus on the elements that contribute to perceived quality, Renault is committed to building a real relationship of lasting trust with its customers.

Latest German ADAC Satisfaction Survey | Motoring discussion | Back Room Forum | Honest John

I’d like to see the results from 55, British drivers. Sorry to sound pannenstatistikk a know it all but Pannen are breakdowns. I bought a used car two weeks ago and now the clutch has gone – what can I do?

The last one I took a ride in had clocked up over k miles and was still going strong. Audi A6, with, apparently 5 year lifespan before it falls into pieces, is only as reliable as notorious Peugeot and Merc A-Class. About a third are electrical problems, of which the majority is, drumroll please: