Radial Head Plate. Home > Resources > Images > Radial Head Plate. Acumed Radial Head Plating System – On Bone T: ; E: [email protected] Acumed’s Locking Radial Head Plate System provides an innovative and improved method for the treatment of fractures where the radial head. The Acumed Anatomic Radial Head System is designed to provide an 2 Mini and Micro instruments and the Locking Radial Head Plate System at the base of .

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Standard Length Stems Standard length stems range from 6—10 mm in diameter in 1 mm increments and 0—8 mm heights in 2-mm incrementsand ravial fully grit-blasted to promote bony ongrowth. Clin Orthop Relat Res. Lister’s tubercle may also be used as a landmark for laser mark orientation. The mean DASH score was Past designs of radial head prostheses have had a round radial head component.

All patients recovered the functional range of motion of the elbow. All operations were performed using the Acumed anatomic radial head prosthesis system within ten days of injury. The average follow-up was 33 months range, mo. The unaffected elbow side in each patient was selected as a control group.

Metallic radial head arthroplasty improves valgus stability heaf the elbow. Several biomechanical studies have discussed the potential long-term value of an anatomically shaped radial head prosthesis. The dominant limb was injured in seven patients. So there is no prosthesis loosening in our patients. Designed in conjunction with Shawn W. Grit Blasted Stem Surface Promotes bony ongrowth. For comminuted radial head fractures, satisfactory internal fixation to comminuted radial head is often difficult.

Five cases were associated with lateral collateral ligament and one case with medial collateral ligament injuries, which were repaired using the anchor or the Ethibond suture. AARHS can provide the patient with an anatomical prosthesis, and wear on the capitellum is theoretically reduced due to the improved biomechanics and balancing within the elbow. The collar height gauge helps determine the proper implant collar height to restore the natural length of the radius.


Multiple Collar Heights To restore radial length. In this study, we present the results of a small series of 12 patients with ligament repair and fracture fixation to facilitate early mobilization of the elbow. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. In this study, we present a classification scheme to support our radiographic observations. We hypothesized that stress shielding around radial head prostheses adumed common but nonprogressive.

J Hand Surg Am.

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Email Updates Yes, please send me updates by email. Stress shielding never extended to the bicipital tuberosity, and there were no cases of impending mechanical failure. A radial head replacement is more effective in comminuted radial head fractures. We classified stress shielding as: Is ORIF superior to nonoperative treatment in isolated displaced partial articular fractures of the radial head?

Many medium-term radiological reviews of radial head prosthesis show a high rate of radiolucency around the stem and also osteoporosis of the capitellum, indicating uneven and incongruous loading at the joint [ 13 ]. Partially Grit Blasted Stems: The system offers a straightforward solution hea the radial head is salvageable.

Patients and methods General data Between January acued December12 patients six men and six women Table 1 with radial head comminuted fractures were treated by radial head replacement of the Acumed anatomic radial head prosthesis system.

Anatomic Plate 2 lengths and 2 head curvatures provide the surgeons with the options to select the optimal solution for their patients anatomy. We saw stress shielding with all stem types: Three patients had 10 degrees of average flexion contracture.

Resection of the radial head after Mason type-III fractures of the elbow: In a direct radius-to-capitellum axial loading experiment, an anatomically designed radial head prosthesis had lower and more evenly distributed contact pressures than the nonanatomic implants that were tested. Results All patients treated by the Acumed anatomic radial head system achieved our follow up at a mean follow-up of There are no major complications such as infection or pain at an average of The coronoid fracture and the olecranon fracture were fixed with screw Figure 2.


The evaluation included a record of pain, function, muscle strength, contracture and rotation. The stem of the AARHS is uncemented ardial fixed through a tight press fit, so it can reduce platr incidence of loosening.

Anatomic Radial Head Solutions

Introduction The treatment of displaced comminuted radial head fractures is challenging. There were no the distal radio-ulnar degeneration. The Radial Head Plating System may be combined with any of the Acumed anatomic radial head replacement systems and may be found at the bottom of the tray.

The distal tip of the Plate Tack is threaded, allowing it to maintain its provisional fixation until it is removed later in the procedure.

Anatomic Radial Head Solutions | Acumed

Methods Three commercially available circular radial rasial designs were compared with an anatomical radial head and 2 modified anatomical prototype radial head designs in 10 cadaveric specimens. A year-old man right elbow; clinical result 5 years after olecranon fracture and coronoid fracture fixed with screw and radial head replacement A, Extension; B, Flexion; C, Supination; D, Pronation. Motion is initiated within 3 days in all cases. King found that the stability and load transfer of the elbow with radial head replacement are rqdial to those of a native radial head [ 89 ].

Influence of radial head prosthesis design on radiocapitellar joint contact mechanics.