Actinomadura madurae is an aerobic actinomycete which is best known worldwide as the cause of actinomycotic mycetomas. It has not previously been reported. Here, we utilized deep sequencing of 16S rRNA to implicate Actinomadura madurae as the cause of mycetoma in a diabetic patient when culture and. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A Sep 29; Draft Genome Sequence of Actinomadura madurae LIID-AJ, Isolated from a Human Mycetoma Case. Vera-Cabrera L.

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The isolate from the patient’s blood was subjected to dilutional antimicrobial susceptibility tests with 12 antimicrobial agents and was found to have a wide spectrum zctinomadura susceptibility.

Based on this information, a course of sulfamethoxazole-trimethoprim therapy was considered. Treatment of actinomycetoma foot—our experience with ten patients. Metagenomic systems biology of the human gut microbiome reveals actinomaddura shifts associated with obesity and inflammatory bowel disease.

Both of these diagnostic limitations complicated analysis of the patient specimen in this report, a biopsy specimen from a diabetic foot ulcer.

Chronic infections 7 and diabetic foot ulcers 589kadurae particular, can contain highly diverse bacterial populations. Many sites of the qctinomadura body are colonized by complex communities of microbes in both health and various disease states 6. These chains are of various lengths and can be straight, hooked or spiral. Here, we utilized deep sequencing of 16S rRNA to implicate Actinomadura madurae as the cause of mycetoma in a diabetic patient when culture and conventional molecular methods were overwhelmed by overgrowth of other organisms.

A number of other organisms were also detected, reflecting the polymicrobial nature of such specimens 5.

In one small, prospective study, initial treatment with intravenous gentamicin, intravenous penicillin, and oral sulfamethoxazole-trimethoprim followed by oral sulfamethoxazole-trimethoprim and oral amoxicillin maintenance was found effective in empirically treating disease minimally involving the bones, while regimens incorporating intravenous amikacin and oral sulfamethoxazole-trimethoprim for initial treatment and oral sulfamethoxazole-trimethoprim for maintenance therapy were useful in cases of more extensive bony involvement Consistent with culture results, reads classified as S.


QIDciprofloxacin mg p. Footnotes Published ahead of print 9 October This unusual microorganism may be a cause of infections in severely immunosuppressed patients.

Int J Syst Bacteriol. No new lesions evolved while she was on this therapy, but approximately 1 year prior to presentation the patient self-discontinued ciprofloxacin and shortly thereafter noted increasing drainage from her foot.

SenGuptaa Daniel R. A template procedure for Ion Torrent sequencing was performed using a OneTouch 2 system Life Technologiesand sequencing was performed on an Ion PGM sequencer Life Technologies using a bp sequencing kit and a v2 chip according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Departments of Laboratory Medicine a. The patient actinokadura to this procedure, and was discharged on a course of oral sulfamethoxazole-trimethoprim. PCR products were purified using 0.

J Lab Clin Med. Actinomycetoma in the United States. It has not previously been reported to have caused invasive pulmonary or disseminated infection in humans. Please review our privacy policy.

Comparison of DNA extraction methods for microbial community profiling with an application to pediatric bronchoalveolar lavage samples.

Open in a separate window. The consensus sequence determined in this work has been submitted to GenBank under accession no. Although the patient remained ambulatory throughout the course of her disease, she gradually had to modify her footwear actinomaeura accommodate the increasing size of her foot, which at the time of presentation was causing her great pain. Based on these findings, the diagnosis of actinomycotic mycetoma was suggested.

Thus, the relative abundance of A. Associated Data Supplementary Materials. Deep sequencing successfully detected the presence of A. Hamilton Bailey’s demonstrations of physical signs in clinical surgery18th ed.

Nonmycetomic Actinomadura madurae infection in a patient with AIDS.

The patient was referred to the Infectious Disease clinic at Harborview Medical Center for further evaluation. Given the extent of infection, neither additional antibiotic therapy nor debridement with subsequent reconstruction was felt to be a viable option, and a recommendation was made for below-the-knee amputation.


This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. In this case report, we have utilized the approach to investigate the causative agent of biopsy-proven actinomycotic mycetoma.

Acinomadura Next-generation DNA sequencing can be used to catalog individual organisms within complex, polymicrobial specimens. Address correspondence to Stephen J. Table 1 Deep-sequencing results. Tracking a hospital outbreak of carbapenem-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae with whole-genome sequencing. Here, we have extended the application of next-generation DNA sequencing technologies to perform molecular diagnosis in a clinical context. Prospects for the future using genomics and proteomics in clinical microbiology.

Actinomadura – Wikipedia

Mycetoma in South Maduurae Mycetomap 80— In Rippon J, editor. Despite treatment, the lesions continued to steadily grow, and 2 years prior to presentation she received a 6-week course of intravenous penicillin therapy with continuous daily infusions 20 million units intravenously [i.

This pathogen is one of the classical agents of actinomycotic mycetoma and is consistent with the organism visualized histologically. Views Read Edit View history. Laboratory identification of clinically important aerobic actinomycetes. For some sequences, multiple organisms met the identity atcinomadura for species-level classification; in such cases, species names separated by a slash and genus names separated by a semicolon list the possible taxonomic assignments. A second biopsy specimen was submitted for culture and was again positive for S.