Multiplex Acro Master Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Multiplex Acro Master Building Instructions. View and Download Multiplex Acro Master building instructions online. Acro Master Toy pdf manual download. This page contains downloads of instructions etc for some of the products we stock as well as discontinued items. .. Multiplex Acromaster Kit Instructions here .

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Multiplex Panda RTF instructions here.

Available from Hobby Lobby US distributor: Aileron pushrods 33 slightly to one side, and apply cyano to the joint surfaces. Multiplex Blizzard instructions here. Seagull North American T Trojan here. Spektrum ix12 Qucickstart here. Ikonnik KA-6 Radio Manual here. Graupner MZ Pro Manual here.

Twister CP Exploded Diagram here. Multiplex Shark instructions here. Multiplex FunCub XL instructions here. Multiplex Elapor foam, fully symmetrical AUW weight: Awesome pictures as always!! The fuselage has a unique “flow through design” ventilation system that allows maximum cooling over the motor, battery and ESC.

Ares Alara Quick Start Guide here. Graupner Falcon 12 Receiver Manual here.



manaul After all you would acronaster that in a ‘real’ shop so now you can do it in our internet store! Reflex Charger manual here. Multiplex Wingstabi Instructions here. Anyone with basic building experience will have no issues. Rates were set as recommended in the manual with ailerons at 35 mm up and down for low rates and 60 mm for high rates, elevator was set at the recommended 35 mm for low rates and 70 mm for high rates and the rudder was set at 45 mm for low rates and 80 mm for high rates.

Beautiful inside and outside loops, tight or big, could be easily made from level flight, with no hint of a snap detected. With just a slight amount of pull to the canopy easily mixed out with a computer radio like the Optic 6the AcroMaster excels at knife-edge flight and stays locked in until commanded to roll out of it.

Multiplex Acro Master Building Instructions

Seagull Ryan Navion 1. Ares Quick Start Manual here. Beginner Manaul Area Aircraft-Electric. Seagull Extra S Instructions here. SC12 2 Stroke Parts Listing here. Spektrum DX8 Transmitter Manual here. Ascend Charger manual here. Seagull Yak 54 90 Instructions here. The Multiplex AcroMaster drew a lot of attention at my club field.


Seagull Funfly 3D Manual here. Seagull PC-6 Pilatus Porter manual here. Multiplex Funman instructions here. Origin Charger manual acgomaster. The wing is a two-piece design that can be easily removed from the plane for transporting.

Multiplex Micro-jet review by bungymania. It recovered very quickly when full power was applied, with no hint of a wing tip dropping.

Seagull Christen Husky Manual here. Ok how about somewhere on the wing. Radient Mistral Charger Instructions here.

Page 4 the large control surface travels required for 3-D aerobatics. The Himax motor is very strong and provides more than enough power for the AcroMaster. Multiplex Extra RR instructions here. Seagull Super Tucano 91 inc Retracts Manual here. Seagull Extra size Instructions here.