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The Reorganized ACI 14 Code. – Are You Ready? Neal S. Anderson, P.E., S.E.. Staff Consultant. Simpson Gumpertz & Heger, Chicago, Illinois. The American Concrete Institute (ACI) has pub- lished Building Code Requirements for Struc- tural Concrete (ACI ) and Commentary. /R ACI Building Code and Commentary. PREFACE. The code portion of this document covers the design and construction of structural concrete .

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The shear at any section distant xL or xLi from supports shall be determined by modifying the axi load on the slab strip or beam by the factors Cs, Csi, Cb, or C61 taken from Tables 1 or 2. In any panel, the area of reinforcement per unit width in the long direction shall be at least one-third that provided in the short direction. For beams designed on the basis of ultimate strength and built without shores, the effective depth of the composite section used in the calculation of the ultimate moment shall aic exceed: When openings are provided within the area common to two column strips, that part of the critical section shall be considered ineffective which either passes through an opening, or is covered by a radial 318-100 of any opening to the centroid of the support.

Moments at faces of supports may be used for design of beams and girders. The shear stresses at sections between the face of the support and the sec- tion a distance d therefrom shall aco be considered critical. Depth, d, in flexural members and columns where d is more than 24 in.: The successive span lengths in each direction shall differ by not more than 20 percent of the longer span.

At ultimate strength, a concrete stress intensity of 0. In calculations of section properties prior to bonding of ten- dons, areas of the open ducts shall be deducted.

Bonded tendons — Tendons which are bonded to the concrete either directly or through grouting. The live load may be considered to be applied only to the floor or roof under consideration, and the far ends of the columns may be assumed as fixed. Sea cai shall not be used. Spiral bound to lie flat. Remember me on this computer. Horizontal disposition of ducts shall allow proper placement cai concrete.

Bars, if used, shall not be less than 3 bars, nor shall they be spaced more Generated for Mohamed Aly Abdel-razik Moustafa University of California, Berkeley on For columns laterally supported on four sides by beams of approximately equal depth or by slabs, the capacity may be com- puted by using an assumed concrete strength in the column for- mulas equal to 75 percent of the column concrete strength plus 35 percent of the floor concrete strength.


In flanged members, if the centroidal axis is not in the web, the principal tensile stress should be determined at the intersection of the flange and the web. The total thickness, t2, in inches, of slabs with drop panels, at points beyond the drop panel shall be at least 4.

Items applying to working stress design only are indicated by italic page numbers Flat slabs within the limitations of Sectionwhen designed by elastic analysis, may have resulting analytical moments reduced in such proportion that the nu- merical sum of the positive and average negative bending moments Generated for Mohamed Aly Abdel-razik Moustafa University of California, Berkeley on This fabric shall extend entirely around the column at a distance of 1 in.

318-08: Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete and Commentary

See Section d. Where column faces are offset 3 in. The piping shall be so fabricated and installed that it will not require any cutting, bending, or dis- placement of the reinforcement from its proper location. At least two spacers shall be used for spirals 20 in. Drain pipes and other piping designed for pressures of not more than 1 psi above atmospheric pressure need not be tested as required in 3. Effective vibration is commonly the most suitable means. Bending tightly around the longitudinal reinforcement through at least deg.

In building frames, particular attention shall be given to the effect of unbalanced floor loads on both exterior and interior columns and of eccentric loading due to other causes. The methods specified in c and d of this section may be considered satis- factory for guarding against excessive deflections in structures of common types and sizes.

The images are provided for educational, scholarly, non-commercial purposes. Tension reinforcement shall be well distributed in the zones of 3181-0 concrete tension and in the flange of T-beams.

Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete and Commentary

Compressive strength shall be determined by tests of standard 6 x in. Special brackets shall be used to receive the entire floor load at each floor level. Longitudinal bars bent so that the axis of the bent bar makes an angle of 30 deg or more with the axis of the longitudinal portion of the bar 4. Where the structure as a whole is adequately supported on shores, the removable floor forms, beam and girder sides, column and similar vertical forms may be removed after 24 hr provided the concrete is sufficiently strong not to be injured thereby.


For cantilever columns, that is, those fixed at one end and free at the other, the effective length h’ shall be taken as twice the over-all length. The slab or footing in this case shall be designed as required in the remainder of this section. If reinforcing bars are to be welded, these ASTM specifications shall be supplemented by requirements assuring satisfactory weldability in conformity with AWS D The bending moments may be determined approximately by using an equivalent uniform load per lineal foot of beam for each panel sup- ported as follows: No other portion of the fillers may be included in the design calculations.

Proper provisions shall be made for eccentric loads and wind stresses. The thickness of slab shall not be less than shown in Table e. The structure shall show no evidence of failure in the retest, and the recovery of deflection caused by the second test load shall acl at least 75 percent. This Board shall be composed of competent engineers and shall have the authority to investigate the data so submitted, to require tests, and to formulate rules governing the design and construction of such sys- tems to meet the intent of this code.

The limits of thick- ness and quantity of reinforcement required aaci Section shall be waived where structural analysis shows adequate strength and stability. Column—An upright compression member the length of which ex- ceeds three times its least lateral dimension.

The value of c for the span where a bracket is used shall be taken as twice the distance from the center of the column to a point where the bracket is IV2 in. Skip to main content. The center to center spacing of reinforcement shall be not more than three times the slab thickness and the ratio of reinforcement in each direction shall be not less than required by Section Release of pretensioning may be effected by gradual means or by burning of tendons.

A column strip one-half panel in width, occupying the two quarter- panel areas outside the middle strip.

Among the subjects covered are: