EQUIPMENT GUIDE BOOK EDITION PREFACE The 24th edition of the ACEL Equipment Guidebook has been updated to conform to the volatility of the. It’s no secret that renting large, earth moving, construction equipment is can’t utilize a piece of equipment more than 65 percent of the time, there is no. special report. ACEL. Professionalizing the equipment rental buisiness. A Inc. ACEL released its first ACEL Equipment Rental Rates Guidebook in May

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With this new approach in the computation rental rates, careful study was given to variable factors that influence rates such as acquisition cost, depreciation, replacement costs, operator’s wages, fuel and other costs. Together with the Philippine Constructors Association, Inc.

It continues to establish linkages with other relevant organizations like insurance firms, freight and shipping companies, government agencies, etc. Mission Statement To contribute to the equipment industry by formulating and implementing policies, equippment and standards for the equipment sector by promoting business with integrity and world class development programs.

Due to the prohibitive cost of acquiring brand new equipment, guifebook even second hand units, for that matter, the contractors bonded together to come up with a workable plan to address the shortage of equipment.

All brand new models listed in the Guidebook are equipped with internationally accepted safety devices in accordance with the requirements of the Department of Labor and Employment DOLE Order No.

Click here to sign up. ACEL has also, by this time, delisted some types of equipment which aceo become obsolete in the industry. This particular edition was in collaboration with the Bureau of Equipment of the Department of Public Works and Highways whose endorsement of the Guidebook continues to this day.


The association has been in the forefront of activities in manpower development and has worked vigoruosly fro the promotion of construction safety in work sites. Hts X ‘Range The unified vission ACEL has adopted will be its guiding light through the coming years.

Benedicto 2nd Vice President.

ACEL – Association Of Carriers and Equipment Lessors Inc.

Basic reference to the average utilization per year for type of equipment have been incorporated and useful features such as economic life, tire and undercarriage life and salvage factor have been sourced from a reputable cost reference and included in the formulation for a more realistic approach in the estimation of recovery instrument.

The specifications contained in this handbook will help in equipment sourcing and identification since this is a conprehensive guide for those not too acknowlegeable equipmentt equipment. Air Compressors, hoses and couplers not included.

Several contractors and equipment lessors gathered together to devise a plan through which the unavailability of construction equipment in construction activities in sectors such as power, irrigation, transport, commercial, housing and real estate developments could be equiipment. Another fomulais used for wcel and medium equipment.

Hts X 40 Ft.

ACEL has delisted equipment which are twenty 20 years old or more, specifically with earthmoving equipment. In general, to do all such things and perform such acts and functions as may be reasonably necessary and essential to accomplish the purposes and objectives for which the association is organized. To help the Association in policing the ranks insofar as qcel which are detrimental to the interest of the individual member.


Ina definite formula that approximates a lessor’s owning and operating costs was accepted by the generals membership. One useful feature of this particular edition is the inclusion of a basic reference on the average utilization per year for each type of equipment. Why does ir fail? Meanwhile, a comprehensive year long program of seminars has been developed and continues to guideboik offered to date.

Original rods, bits and coupling supplied by lessor, replacement rods, bits, etc.


Heights X 32 Ft. A certificate of competency and a competency certification card are issued to all successful examinees. Hts X 31’Range To promote continuous training in order to improve productivity and obtain higher manpower efficiency to meet world class standard to equipment operation, maintenance and production; 4.

Hts X 56’Range To promote general health, safety and welfare of those employed in the equipment leasing industry; 5. To assist members in availing of tax incentives provided by the government; For Individual Benefits – 1.

Unit includes protection switches and 15 meters cables. LOA x B x D meters Valid for Skid Steer Manufactured up.