Old , AM. ions. Access User. Join Date: May Posts: Thanks: 8. Thanked 10 Times in 9 Posts. ions is an unknown quantity at this. This Access tutorial explains how to use DoCmd. acOutputReport, 3, Report I’m having a bit of trouble with VBA in MS Access My code OutputTo acOutputReport, “”, acFormatPDF, mypath & MyFileName DoCmd.

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Email Required, but never shown. However, all of these assume creation of a new file. In terms of exporting Query to XLSX, Transferspreadsheet is quicker adoutputreport the file size is smaller because it does not contain any Query formatting, and error handling is different as well.

access , To acOutputReport Problem – Microsoft Community

There are some folders that are protected, because they belong to either another user or to the operating system, and you would not normally have permission to write to them unless your application was running as an administrator. Thanks for marking this as the answer. Hello, Is there somekind of bug in access for saving a report to a specific place with a specific name on a harddrive? The following code example outputs the Employees table in rich-text format.

Sorry this didn’t help. I suspect it’s not valid. For acoutputrepor something like: If you omit this argument, Access prompts you for the output format.

Access VBA To Method –

I have the same question 0. Wyman is a Acoutputreportt Resources professional based in Hong Kong, specialized in business analysis, project management, data transformation with Access and Excel.


Im dont know how that breakpoint inserting works Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. I can’t understand why Access wouldn’t be willing to write to that folder. Do I need another command to create that folder in my code? An AcExportQuality constant that specifies the type of output device to optimize for.

Export Access Object to Excel ,PDF, RTF , etc. using DoCmd.OutputTo

In reply to kuil88’s post on March 3, The OutputTo action was canceled. In reply to kuil88’s post on March 2, Our new feedback system is built on GitHub Issues. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. That strongly suggests that, for some reason, Acoutputreoprt can’t write to the specific folder path on C: The following works for me: Try setting a breakpoint in the code, on the DoCms.

Refer to my previous post http: Dirk Goldgar Replied on March 3, TransferSpreadSheet Method to export different objects to specific file types, for example, export Query to xlsx. I suggest you to add another code to open pdf after export. Datum If that really is your code, I don’t think Filename gets a valid value. Login Login with twitter. I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking, and what exactly doesn’t work.

Sign up using Email and Password. In reply to Dirk Goldgar’s post on March 2, Did this solve your problem?

ObjectName Optional Variant A string expression that’s the valid name of an object of the type selected by the ObjectType argument. OurputTo line, and check the value of filepath at that point.


Close acReport, “Settlement Report” rs. When i change it to “D: This acoutputrpeort looks wrong: This Access tutorial explains how to use DoCmd. If that works, then there’s something about the filename that Access doesn’t like. Some Access formats cannot be perfectly supported, and an error pops up when users try to open the exported workbook, and users have to save the file as a new one for auto repair.

This thread is locked. I’m wondering if it’s not working because the “” folder isn’t created yet. I have an excel template with a custom ribbon with buttons for preset sorts and filters.

I acoutputrepprt a Folder “Test” on c: OutputTo Method and DoCmd. Dirk Goldgar Replied on March 2, If you leave this argument blank, Access prompts you for an output file name. First try changing your code so that the filename is just “Test.

You may also use DoCmd. First of all thanks for helping me out Yes, the folder has to exist. What im trying to do is save a report to my harddrive.