Absceso periodontal chien hong chen. Dra. cisterna. Clasificaciones de absceso periodontal – Según la localización – Según la evolución. Según la localización. Absceso Periodontal – Download as Powerpoint Presentation .ppt), PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. Absceso Periodontal – pt · ru · se · zh. Absceso PeriodontalDescripteur MeSH. Preferred Label: Absceso Periodontal; DeCS synonym: Absceso Periodontal;.

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Acknowledgments To the patient and his family for their cooperation. Related Topics in Infectious Disease.

Association between periodontal disease and septicemia due to pyogenic hepatic abscess

The drainage culture showed presence of the Gram-negative bacteria Escherichia coli and Fusobacterium spp. A 2- year clinical study. As a result, they can cause brain abscesses, meningitis, cavernous sinus thrombosis, odontogenic sinusitis, peri-orbital infections, bacterial endocarditis, mediastinitis, pneumonia, periodomtal even septicemia, among other pathologies Bacteremia from the oral cavity passed through the circulatory system through the inferior vena cava and then arrived to the liver through the hepatic artery.

Furthermore, other diagnostic images, like the CAT and the magnetic resonance scans, are currently available, not to mention interventional radiology. Diagnoses Abzceso periodontitis Localized aggressive periodontitis Generalized aggressive periodontitis Periodontitis as a manifestation of systemic disease Necrotizing periodontal diseases Abscesses of the periodontium Combined periodontic-endodontic lesions.

The abdominal computerized axial tomography showed multiloculated hepatic abscess. These situations may be more frequent and profuse if the patient has an immunosuppression disorder caused by diabetes mellitus, HIV, or malnutrition, or corticosteroids or cytostatics indicated in the case of tumors or organ transplants Furthermore, it is important to create an appropriate clinical history.


A Collaborative Practice, 4e.

Dental abscess

Thorax radiography may show elevation of the hemidiaphragm and varying degrees of pleural effusion We must insist that a physician should examine the oral cavity to rule out a dental septic source as the origin of the bacteremia.

Trop Med Intern Health. Results after 6 years.

A failed root canal treatment may also create a similar abscess. Histometric evaluation of periodontal surgery II. Conclusions The clinical history is indispensible.

El tratamiento global de absceeso con enfermedad periodontal se divide en tres fases diferentes, que con frecuencia se superponen. Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management. Disease or Syndrome T Financing None declared by the authors. Retrieved from ” https: Then, the differential diagnosis was made between pyogenic or amebic liver abscess.

J Microbiol Immunol Infect. Management See Dental Incision and Periodkntal. The ultimate objective of periodontal surgical treatment is the long term preservation of the periodontium.

In a periapical psriodontal, usually the origin is a bacterial infection that has accumulated in the soft, often dead, pulp of the tooth. Given the presence of AHA in tropical countries, there the first step is to rule out this etiology and later search for other causes 16,17, J Clin Periodontol Jun;8 3: When PHA is suspected, drainage must be performed with the help of an ultrasound and cultures of aerobic and anaerobic germs should be requested.

Dental abscess | Radiology Reference Article |

Signs Exquisitely tender, red Gingiva Fluctuant swelling suggesting abscess Regional Lymphadenopathy in diffuse oral space involvement. A case of pyogenic liver abscess infected with Fusobacterium necrophorum depicted by microscopy and confirmed by tissue culture. Las ventajas de este procedimiento son: Dos, durante la primera mitad del zbsceso y otro, calibrado durante absecso resto del estudio. Scalling and root planning with and without periodontal flap surgery.


The healing potential of the periodontal tissue following different techniques of periodontal surgery in plaque-free dentitions. Nevertheless, remote hematogenous spreading should also be contemplated, as in this case. Dentigerous cyst Calcifying odontogenic cyst Glandular odontogenic cyst.

HA is a differential diagnosis for abdominal pain in all patients, particularly in patients with immunosuppression disorders as in this clinical case where the patient had type-2 diabetes mellitus. Healing after exposure of periosteum on the alveolar process. In a few hours, the presentation evolved to septic shock, metabolic acidosis, and prerenal kidney failure, for which he was moved to the intermediate care unit and required inotropic support.

Definition NCI An acute purulent bacterial infection that arises abzceso the tissues that surround and support the teeth. HA is defined as one or more lesions in the liver associated with a positive bacterial culture in the material obtained through percutaneous aspiration or surgery 3, Nevertheless, ultrasonography remains the first choice due to its availability and low cost.

Connective tissue attachment levels after four regenerative procedures. Debe verificarse la naturaleza de estos trastornos.

Read it at Google Books – Find it at Amazon 2. English pdf Article in xml format Article references How to cite this article Automatic translation Send this article by e-mail. What does it mean? Back Links pages that link to this page. Hepatic abscess HA is a disease that may threaten the life of the affected patient despite advances in diagnosis and treatment.