I call my discovery the ABHA Torus. It is now the full completion of how to engineer Marko Rodin’s Vortex Based Mathematics. The ABHA Torus. I designed this pulse motor to enter the “Pulse Motor Build Off” linked here: http:// ?tid= I h.

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Forget biased opinions of the mainstream. To make robots solve our problems? To post a Make, come back to this Thing and click Post a Make.

Sign in Customer Service Cart. You can see my final result here: Ning Create a Ning Network! Explore More from the same collection View All.

Co-ordinates and Orientation

Customize Canvas or choose Framed Art Print. Similarly, that pattern is just the Fibonacci numbers modulo 9.

Show Some Agha Say thanks by giving firepinto a tip and help them continue to share amazing Things with the Thingiverse community. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. How can you test that? Description Hand drawn digitally colored sacred geometry by Derek R Gedney. I tend to lean towards this being a mathematical parlour trick, with some interesting qualities, which, if you strip away the spiritual energy emanation mysticism, could well lead to some useful, abhx discoveries.

You obviously can’t do this with even numbers and any 3,6 or 9 squared wont reproduce the skin the same without staggering your new tiles. If experimentally proven correct such a model would for example replace the standard approach to toroidal coils used in energy production today by precisely defining all the proportional and angular relationships existent in a moving system and revealing not only the true pathway that all accelerated motion seeks be it an electron around the nucleus of an atom or water flowing down a drain but in addition revealing this heretofore unobserved, undefined point energetic source underlying all space-time, motion, and vibration.


Sign in to chat! One after thought is there is no access hole to pop the magnets back out. The central square avha your new number since if you add all the numbers in that square it will reduce to that central number.

Remember to come back and post what you’ve printed as Make. That kid is under the care of people who specialize in her particular cancer.

Zombie Math in the Vortex | Good Math/Bad Math

Print the torus with support set for “everywhere” and the frame set to “exterior only” The trigger coil is sized so that a BIC pen can be ttorus for the spindle of the bobbin. Really pleased to have stumbled across your site; have poked through a few articles and enjoyed your perspective. Even the film Inception discussed the 3 levels of the mind.

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ABHA Torus Pulse Motor

My personal opinion is very much in favour of there being more behind our reality than we perceive. Being stationary means that they are fixed constants. About the curvy pattern at the end… what does he do there? The Fibonacci series shows up in every numeric notation, in every number base, no matter how you do numbers. Derek Gedney’s Recent Work.


This is why I believe that the ABHA Torus as I have calculated is the most powerful mathematical tool in existence because it presents proof that numbers are not just flat imaginary things.

This next image may not be correct but I am just trying to orientate what is on the skin into 3D Because we like it, and it produces a pretty pattern. Just to make sure you know what I mean, if you draw a 5×5 square around any lot of tiles on the above skin, and re-iterate – you will reproduce the skin but slightly differently.

Co-ordinates and Orientation – Vortex Based Math

It’s good for the designer and the community that means you! Maybe we should work on the crisis at hand a little more in ourselves and within our abhw communities. We’re sure firepinto would love a Tip, but unfortunately they have not setup their accounts to receive them yet.

Launching from there, he came up with numerous claims about what that means. Popular Configurations Stretched Canvas. Why is it so important to keep lying to the human race in general? I seldom have much to comment to your technical posts, but I reacted on your daughters friends cancer and felt that I torys possess some info that might at least increase the odds of you being able to help them stop from dying an awful death.