The usual method of determining DRAM node is to take half the minimum WL or BL pitch. That places this DRAM at the nm process node. A 6F 2 DRAM cell with paired cells is described. In one embodiment the cell pairs are separated by n-type isolation transistors having gates defining dummy. PURPOSE: A semiconductor memory device provided with 6F2 dynamic random access memory(DRAM) is provided to increase a sensing margin by enlarging.

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At least some of these manufacturing defects can have their failure mode accelerated by voltage stressing the isolation gates 56 by applying a voltage greater than what would ordinarily be expected during normal operation. More specifically the present invention with reference to the accompanying drawings, as follows.

WO2013002884A1 – 6f2 dram cell – Google Patents

A first one of the wordlines 22 is shown adjacent to the first diffusion region 72and is separated from the substrate 70 by a first gate dielectric It includes a first plate 92 which makes contact with the underlying inlay Method and apparatus for testing cells in a memory device with compressed data and for replacing defective cells.

The memory controller normally includes a control and address bus that is coupled to the DRAM This yields a cell area of 6F 2. The channel regions of the access transistors 14 and 26 are angled with respect to the bit lines and word lines. The access transistors have metal gates with a work function favoring n-type devices. Two common techniques for forming these regions are: The computer system of claim 27, wherein each of the first and second memory cells in the DRAM array has an area of 6F 2wherein F is defined as equal to one-half of minimum pitch, with minimum pitch being defined as equal to the smallest distance of a line width plus a width of a space immediately adjacent said line on one side of said line between said line and a next adjacent line in a repeated pattern within the array.


The DRAM array of claim 1, wherein the work function for the dummy word lines is approximately 4. Integrated circuit transistors are often isolated from one another with oxide regions. Extension Media websites place cookies on your device to give you the best user experience. The access transistors have metal gates with a work function favoring n-type devices. A method of manufacturing a DRAM array, comprising: The computer system of claim 27, wherein the DRAM array is formed on a semiconductive substrate and the first and second memory cells each comprise an access device and a data storage capacitor, a first load electrode of the access device being coupled to the data storage capacitor via a storage node formed on the substrate, the isolation gate electrically isolating the storage nodes of the first and second cells in response to the second control signal.

In one embodiment, the voltage source comprises V BB. US USB2 en For the layout of FIG. It will be apparent to one skilled in the art that these specific details are but one way to achieve the claimed memory. Next Patent Semiconductor constr A DRAM array comprising: The cell is four times the size of the minimum feature, squared.

And, the active region 37 is formed with the form of wave tilted from the center of the bitline However, the cell size is actually 0. However, the metal lines defining the gates for the isolation transistors comprise a material favoring a p-type device, more specifically a metal with a work function between approximately 4.

Samsung’s 3x DDR3 SDRAM – 4F2 or 6F2? You Be the Judge.. | Siliconica

One of the isolation gates 56 is shown adjacent the second diffusion region 84 and is separated from the substrate 70 by a gate dielectric A drma of forming memory cells in a DRAM array, including: High density semiconductor memory having diagonal bit lines and dual word lines. Bit lines are not shown but are dam horizontally across the bit line contacts United States Patent The dummy word lines are fabricated from a metal with a work function favoring p-channel devices.

In another aspect, the present invention includes a Dramm array. This allows for the use of a folded bitline architecture, which helps reduce noise.


Methods of identifying defects in an array of memory cells and related integrated circuitry. As a result, the architecture shown in FIG.

In one embodiment the cell pairs are separated by n-type isolation transistors having gates defining dummy word lines.

The isolation gates 56 are configured to isolate adjacent ones of the storage node contacts Number is 2, the semiconductor substrate not shownif, 6ff2 on the minimum line width of F are arranged in a rod-shaped while having a spacing of 1F to each other in the longitudinal axis direction on the semiconductor substrate and having a width of 1F formed the word lines 33 in 6f22 word line 33 in the upper side while having a distance of 2F from each other in the horizontal axis direction of the plurality of bit lines 35 are formed are arranged in a bar shape having a width of 1F, the FIG tilt around the bit line 35, 20 and 30 and is was direction has the width of 1F to 4 kkeokin wave wave shape composed of a plurality of active regions 37 formed in the semiconductor substrate.

Guiding light at English Wikipediathe copyright holder of this work, hereby publishes it under the following licenses:. In a step S 2the second switch is turned ON. Note that not all the diffusion zones are shown. That places this DRAM at the nm process node, the same as the previous Samsung generation of 48 nm.

One cell in each pair of cells is accessed by the potential on word line The active area is shown 6c2 blue, the horizontal word lines in yellow, the vertical bit lines in green, the bit-line contacts in red and the cut holes as dashed circles.

The cells are paired in a linear arrangement without the serpentine body of FIG.