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Published on May View Download 5. Today, we undertake Turkeysmost prestigious projects. We are pleased to share that we pride ourselves on becoming the leading actor of the national economy. Mission Goal Following real estate developments and innovations closely as one of the leading organizations shaping the domestic industry,Caring about the social value and customer satisfaction and producing planned, quality and environment-friendly establishment centers that offer peaceful and safe living places,Caring about employees and shareholders material and spiritual satisfaction.

Planned and quality modern urban life,Peaceful and safe warmth of a house,Awareness of green and environment. Therefore, actual aggregated Min.

At Emlak Konut, we kkanun prepared well for the new year establishing robust goals and identifying the means to achieve them. Since its establishment, Emlak Konut REIC has undertaken many quality kanuj successful projects suited to the needs of the times.

As an innovative company, it has always pioneered the introduction of the firsts and set a course for the real estate industry.

We think that Emlak Konut REICs 15 years of steady accomplishments will continue to lend great strength to us on the kabun to the vision. In this sense, we also believe that will be a much better year for both Turkey and our industry. An examination of the economy in general terms makes us think that the impressive growth rate enjoyed by Turkey is a great source of motivation for the real estate industry as well as other industries.

Turkey has been one of the worlds fastest-growing economies with aknun. In addition to a growing economy, general housing sales across the country prove the opposite of the alleged slowdown in the industry.

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At the end of the first quarter ofthe number of houses sold in Turkey stands atwith Istanbul having the highest share. We embarked on our activities with great enthusiasm and faith in the light of these developments.

Our company announced our targets earlier. I would like to highlight that we have delivered a performance in alignment with our targets so far. Also, we exceeded our sales target ofsquare meters reachingsquare meters. Although the level of interest rates is relatively higher than the previous periods, we see that our sales were not adversely affected thanks to the industry dynamics, our flexible management understanding and efforts to develop swift actions in every development.

In the first quarter, we generated a profit of TRY million thanks to the projects completed in thisperiod. Furthermore, we have quickly started the tenders planned for Accordingly, we have completed the tender of Istanbul ili, Istanbul ekmeky, ,anun Istanbul Florya lands, in which Galatasaray Sports Club Association has a 66292.

As part of all the tenders, total sales revenue and company share have reached TRY 5. The multiplier ratio in these tenders stood at 1. I think thatthese lands have a higher potential and that we willachieve higher multiplier ratios with the completionof relevant projects.

In our Ordinary General Sayo on March 28,we presented to the approval of ourshareholders the distribution of dividends worth TRY Based on the approval of the shareholders, our company will distribute cash dividends toits investors in late May. However, our plans do not involve any land purchases this year unless the company encounters a very favorable land opportunity. This period will enable the Companys cash flow to follow 66292 very positive course.

  KMA 373 TAHUN 2002 PDF

We are going through a period where significant investment decisions are made regarding Turkey along with the re-establishment of the balances in internal and external politics. In this context, Turkey will have an early election to remove the element of uncertainty from everyones agenda in the interim before the presidential and parliamentary elections which were initially expected to take place in I hope that their results will be favorable for our country and perpetuate the continued stability atmosphere of 15 years.

Ankara ankaya Saraolu 0 – Our Company believes in the power of human capital and attaches particular importance to professional and specialist training for its personnel Our Company adopts a human resources policy that aspires to create values in alignment with our corporate vision and mission As a part of social responsibility projects tosupport educational, cultural and art activities; our company donated Significant Developments Within the Period1.

The total amount of TRY , receivables stem from installment sales have been assignedirrevocably against sayyl, TRY cash amounts on 23th and 28th of February. On the other hand, “CPI escalation differences” arising from CPI based receivables in the amount saayl TRY , are not subjected to the assignment and will be received by our company3.

Company have used a credit from Ziraat Bank with an amount of A goodwill letter was given to counterparties regarding the sale of the commercial units which are named ” Cadde” within the kamun of “Temaehir Konya” project under development by our Company and contractor Torkam naat ve Ystrm A. Instilling the sports discipline into the Turkish youth and contributing to the development of sports, the company aspires to raise honest, and sports- loving generations who benefit theircountry.

Emlak Konut REIC aims to reflect the success it garners within its industry to sports thanks to its growth momentum, a human-focused corporation philosophy, and its leading position in the industry. The Company’s sports club now competes in basketball with five different teams with over 50 licensed sportspeople aged from in the following categories: The company’s Articles of Association was amended in Our Company was transformed into a Real Estate Investment Company with the the amendment bill for the Articles of Association and it was submitted to the General Assembly for its approval.

The amendment bill was adopted by the Extraordinary General Assembly on July, 22, The Articles of Association was registered at stanbul Trade Registry Office on July 29,and entered into force after their publication in the Trade Registry Gazette on August 1, Our Company’s Trade Registration No.

No time limit was set on the legal entity of the Company.

This value, which has been obtained in years and through many projects, was transformed to Real Estate Company in and has been continuing its operations sincethen. Our activities include purchasing land in Turkey, developing real estate for the middle and upper-middle class, and saul and selling real estate.

Our Company considers producing value for our country as one of the most important aspects. Emlak Konut REIC ksnun its initial public offeringin and secondary public offering in to sustain its rapid growth.

These public offerings achieved a significant success by attracting record individual investor demand and turning out to be 5th biggest public offering in the history of Republic. Taking place in Novemberthe secondary public offering oversubscribed 2.

It attracted over international investors from 20 countries becoming the biggest public offering in the form of raising capital in Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


Our 3,, TL paid capital and 4,, TL registered capital demonstrate the Companys leading role in thesector. By virtue of the construction and real estate sector accounting, sales and costs are added to the income statement only when it is confirmed that the project has been completed by Emlak Konut REIC.

Our Company has a conscientiously developed year brand value. It proves effective in the relevant models contributing positively to the construction, marketing and sales stages. Revenue Sharing ModelThis is the primary income creation model of the Company.

This is an original model used especially for projects intended for the upper- middle and upper income groups and provides profitabilityand fund flow for the Company. When it is deemed necessary, our Company purchase units in revenue sharing model- based projects throughout or after the completion of a project or may share such units with the contractor at the end of a project. Company Share in Total Revenue given in the charts is the amount that contractors committed to pay to our company in tenders or after with protocols; Emlak Konuts share of the bank commisions that have been paid to decrase the interest rate for mortgage loans in unit sales will be added to related project cost along with the completion.

Whose number is 808-734

Turn- Key Model ProjectsThe contractor is seleceted via a tender process pursuant to some criterias among the most appropriate and the lowest bid. Emlak Konut assumes all risks and responsibilities for the project development. All income earned from the sales of the units belong to Emlak Konut. Please note that, the past performance is not necessarily an indicator of future performance. Multiplier for Completed Projects is 2. Guaranteed Revenuerecognition depends on completion ofconstruction.

Abovementionedvalues will be recognized when we complete our projects. Company Share inTotal Revenue1. Company Share in Total Revenue 1. Your every requirement is well thought down to the last detail in Bakent Emlak Konutlar. The rent values will be shared with the contractor over the share ratios specified in the contract. Dec 29 Jan For the house sales of Marchstanbul had the highest share of house sales with The followers of stanbul were Ankara with 11 house sales and zmir with 6 house sales with the share of The least house sold provinces were Ardahan with 11, Hakkari with 13, Bayburt with 36 house sales respectively.

In March32 ownership of the houses changed by mortgage sales. House sales with mortgage had a Most of house sales with mortgage was in stanbul with 6 sales.

Mortgaged house sales had the highest share in Artvin with Ownership of 78 houses changed by other sales. Other house sales in Turkey became 78 by decreasing 0.

In the other sales, stanbul was the first province with 12 sales and Other house sales had Ankara was the second ianun with 7 sales. Ankara was followed by zmir with 4 sales. The kajun other house sales was realized in Ardahan with 9 house sales. In house sales, 50 of houses were sold for the first time.

First house sales in Turkey became 50 by decreasing First house sales had The most first house sales was in stanbul with 8 sales. The followers of stanbul were Ankara with 3 house sales and zmir with 2 house sales. Ownership of 60 houses changed by second hand sales.