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Upgrading the HP Stora Arrays can be upgraded without any data loss. Most of the steps are the same regardless of which controller you are upgrading from.

See the Comparison of G1 and the new G3 Models section for the supported array enclosures. The total drives now supported after a G1 to G3 upgrade is See 8284end chart below for disk speeds and enclosure link speeds after upgrading. The expansion enclosure containing the disk 3.

4aa0 enw pdf editor – PDF Files

The P G3 MSA products can adapt to new infrastructures while keeping the virtual disk data in place by doing a hardware controller replacement to match the infrastructure you need. Supported upgrade paths for the MSA G1 Below is a list of the supported upgrade paths covered in this document. This paper examines single-to-single controller upgrades and dual-to-dual controller upgrades. Please see the P G3 MS User Guide for instructions on upgrading a single-controller system to a dual-controller system.

This section examines the following: Upgrade considerations Please note these important upgrade considerations before continuing to the upgrade itself: Give additional time for configurations that contain large host counts because volume-to-host mappings will need to be re-configured.

See details in the MSA expansion enclosures 4az0. Consider assigning a fixed IP before proceeding. You will need one mini-SAS to SAS cable for single controller upgrades and two cables for dual controller configurations.

Refer to Figures 1 and 2: MSAfc G1 expansion cable Figure 2: Appendix A contains a checklist of the necessary data that will help you gather and save the configuration information for the upgrade. Back up all existing data on the MSAfc G1. If the storage system has any problems, such as hardware warnings or virtual disks whose health is Degraded or Fault, resolve the problems before starting the 8284snw. Record existing volume mapping information Figure 3. After the upgrade, volume mappings might be enabled for all hosts.

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It is important to save existing volume mappings because the new P G3 MSA controllers use 4aa00, which will change how the mappings are recorded by the array. Record all system user names, password, and the user types for users that can log on to the array. Record the system information. Record the email and SNMP notification information.


4aa0 8284enw pdf editor

Record the date and time information. Record the snapshot scheduling information. This can be done by using the FTP utility and running the get logs command. The data contained in these logs will prove helpful in the event of a support issue after the upgrade. This step could take three to five minutes to complete. Confirm that the user who will log in has permission to use the FTP interface. Enter the FTP controller-network-address, For example: Log in as an FTP user.

Enter the following command: Record the filename and path for future reference. For dual controller systems, repeat steps one through six for controller 8284ennw. Quit the FTP session. Update host software 1. Shut down all hosts connected to the 4xa0.

4aa0 8284enw pdf to excel

Label all Ethernet cables with the controller and port number before disconnecting from the existing controllers. Navigating through setup and configuration is much different than the G1. With this procedure the data from cache can be flushed to disk.

In the 884enw down panel, select one of the following: Shutdown both RAID controllers 3. A SMU warning message might appear. This is an informational message that requires no 4aq0.

Click OK to confirm the operation. A blinking cache status LED means that cache has not been flushed to disk. If the cache light is blinking, call HP support. See Figure 4, 5, or 6 for your controller. Power down the MSAfc array by pressing the power switches on the back of the controller enclosure to the Off O position. If 4aa00 have 8284dnw drive enclosure s that are connected to the MSAfc G1 controller enclosure, power 4wa0 down by pressing the power switches at the back of each drive enclosure to the Off O position.

Remove and replace the controller s 1. Remove the existing controller s and dispose of properly. Follow the steps found on the HP Product Recycling page at http: Connect the data path cables: Connect the Fibre Channel cables you removed in step 2 to the new controller.

Power up the MSA expansion enclosures by pressing the power switches at the back of the 82844enw enclosure to the On — position. While enclosures power up, their LEDs blink. 4a0 the LEDs stop blinking, if no LEDs on the front and back of the enclosure are amber, the 4za0 sequence is complete and no faults have been detected.


Power on the P G3 MSA controller enclosure by pressing the power switches on the back of the controller enclosure to the On — position. See Figures 8, 9, or 10 for your controller. If you are using Linux or Microsoft? This includes the system name, contact name, and system location information.

This is where volume host access is assigned. An example includes assigning user rights to users that are allowed to log on to the array. All custom user names will need to be re-entered. An example includes enabling FTP access to the array. This is used for event notification. Refer to upgrade considerations section. Schedules of when snapshots are taken or reset, or volume copy schedules.

System information Host volume mapping User configuration Network management services Email configuration SNMP trap address information Snapshot and 8284ena copy licenses Existing snapshot schedules Re-enter system settings Re-enter system settings as follows: Click Configuration System Settings. Enter the settings as follows: Setting Date, time Host interfaces System information Description Verify the time zone, date, and system time. If you had selected any other link speed besides auto-detect, you will need to re-enter this information.

Re-enter the name, contact, location, and system information. This information was obtained during 4wa0 12 of Before you begin the upgrade. Verify host names and update if necessary [fc][i] Assign or re-enter port WWNs to assigned nicknames and rename port IQN host nicknames that were given for hosts, if applicable. Renaming WWN Hosts 4. From the menu, select Provisioning Explicit Mappings. Selecting Explicit Mappings 3.

Click the radio button next to the Type column for the corresponding host s that you want mapped to see 884enw expanded view. Click the Map box to enable mapping, type in the LUN number, and select the access type from the drop-down menu.

On the graphic, click the corresponding ports that were mapped previously and 4aw0 Apply.

You obtained this information during Step 7 in the Before you begin the upgrade section. Highlight P G3 from the Configuration View frame. Add New Users Screen 4. Modify User screen 6. Re-enter services information 1. Highlight P G3 from the Configuration View. Click Configuration Services Management to 8284wnw the correct network management service 4. Click Configuration Services Email Notification to re-enter email notification parameters. Verify Fibre Channel switch configuration 1. Complete the upgrade 1.

Power up all hosts connected to the array.