2SC DESCRIPTION. ·High Breakdown Voltage VCBO= V (Min). · High Switching Speed. ·High Reliability. ·Built-in Damper Diode. APPLICATIONS. 2SC Datasheet PDF Download – Very High-Definition Color Display Horizontal Deflection Output Applications, 2SC data sheet. Sanyo Semicon Device 2SC datasheet, Very High-Definition Color Display Horizontal Deflection Output Applications (1-page), 2SC datasheet.

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It’s Q on thethough.

I datasjeet searching for the datasheet, but not much is coming up! Q Thanks for playing and see you real soon the next time on I’m pretty sure they’re not made any more. I have this same chassis, with the same symptoms. I just purchased a used pac-man over the weekend and it came with one of these monitors. It is doing the same clicking as you described above. It is labeled M on the top. The black box in your pic is a posistor which controls the degaussing coil.

I would love to have this be a simple fix as the monitor looks in very good condition. Replaced both and it came back 2s4769 life. The part seems to work, I now get the high pitched sound that you would normally hear from a functional monitor, but there is no neck glow, no picture, and i think the flyback is cooking because an odd smell is coming from the board.


Vision Pro HOT where is it?? Bringing this thread back to life since I was working on the same monitor with the same issue.

2SC datasheet, Pinout ,application circuits Silicon NPN Power Transistors

I also found a small bulge on the flyback, as if it cooked a little bit. D Does the CRT get heater voltage from the flyback?

Attached is a picture of what I am seeing get very hot. It can be datashheet from Mouser: Anyone know where I can get a replacement for this part?

Silicon NPN Power Transistors

Check around the flyback for a large 3-legged transistor mounted to either a datasheey wall or a large heat sink. It’ll probably have a smaller transistor near it I am thinking about replacing the flyback. That’s funny because I just installed this monitor about a year ago as well In my case C, a 33uf v ‘lytic shorted and took out the HOT as well.

Ah, it all makes sense then. Any help is appreciated. Good luck finding a replacement flyback, though. I think I found the schematic, though its mislabeled as MTGCN alot of the parts on the board seem to match up with the schematic http: F47 The original owner said the monitor worked for about a year, then just quit. The original owner said the monitor worked for about a year, then just quit.


Electronic datasheets archive

Most likely Q, although I don’t have a manual or chassis handy to check. No neck glow and the HV is goes up to about v and then cycles as do the clicks. Yes, the CRT heater voltage comes 2sc7469 the flyback. Can you describe your repair at all? There is a hot piece on the board, labeled W