Page 1 of Free PDF Manual Download for Hyundai Tucson. All information in this Owner’s Manual is current at the time of publication. However, Hyundai. Hyundai Tucson Owners Manual [Hyundai] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Detailed warranty information is provided in your Hyundai Owner’s All information in this Owner’s Manual is current at the time of publication. .. turning the key in the driver’s door lock toward the front or rear of the vehicle. HJM

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Page HJM 2. Page 57 Any work on the SRS system, such as removing, installing, repairing, or any work on the steering wheel must be performed by a qualified Hyundai tech- nician. Batteries can be dangerous! Do not install the ski rack, antenna, etc. Mankal retrieve this information, special equipment is needed and access to the vehicle or the device that stores the data is required. If this happens, the system may not monitor the tire pressure. To stop the sunroof tilting at any point, press any sunroof control button.

If your tucspn hicle will tufson start, contact a Hyundai dealer or seek other qualified assistance. Push the switch again to turn the heater off. Wear eye protec- tion. Be sure it has locked into position to listen an audible “Click”.

Hyundai Tucson Owners Manuals | Just Give Me The Damn Manual

To avoid the possibility of injury in mnaual Saved searches Saved listings Financing Inbox Sign in. If the filler cap must be replaced, only use genuine Hyundai replacement parts. If you are considering modification of your vehicle due to a disability, please contact the Hyundai Customer As- sistance Center at To raise the height adjuster, pull it up.


Never attempt to adjust the horizontal alignment of your headlights. Check inflation pressure as soon as practical after installing the spare tire, and adjust to the ownees pres- sure.

Page Also, turn this button counterclockwise to display songs before current song. Automatic Channel Selection Button 6. Page If your engine stalls, pings, knocks, or is hard to start, have your Hyundai dealer inspect and repair the problem as soon as possible. Lacking low-range gearing, the SUV should not be taken into rugged off-road situations. If the belt is too loose, have it adjusted by your Hyundai dealer. This could result in loss of control, and an accident that may cause death, serious injury, or property damage.

Ask your Hyundai dealer for further details before towing. Air intake control switch 5.

Hyundai Tucson Owners Manual PDF

To decrease it, push the lever toward the rear. If your engine stalls, pings, knocks, or is hard to start, have your Hyundai dealer inspect and repair the problem as soon as possible. Window washer anti-freeze is avail- able from Hyundai dealers and most auto parts outlets.

Maintaining Bumpers Special precautions must be observed to preserve the appearance of the bumpers on your Hyundai.

Is it related to oil low level? Also, professionals are generally aware of local laws governing towing. If the Enter Key is not pressed within 5 seconds, then the previous mode will be restored.

When you inspect the fuse box on your vehicle, refer to the fuse box label. After rotating, adjust the tire pressures and be sure to check wheel nut torque. Visually inspect the battery and cables as described in Section 6. Got it, continue to print. HJM Floor-Defrost Level Air is discharged through the windshield defroster nozzle, the floor vents, side de- froster nozzle and side ventilator. Lower the hood until it is about 1 ft.


Hyundai Tucson Owners Manuals

Standard under the hood of the GLS and optional for the Limited, a valve, 2. Perchlorate containing materials, such as airbag inflators, seatbelt pretensioners and keyless remote entry batteries, must be disposed of according to Title 22 Califor- nia Code of Regulations Section When to Replace Tires If you notice that tires are wearing unevenly between ro- tations, have the car checked by a Hyundai dealer so the cause may be corrected.

Open the tail gate. The fluid in the battery contains a strong solution of sulfuric acid, which is poison- ous and highly corrosive. If you spill engine coolant on the car, wash it off thoroughly with clean water. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.

If The Engine Overheats 7. With subpar acceleration but a tight turning circle of 35 feet, the Tucson behaves best in city rather than highway driving situations, ideal for around-town commuting.

Page When to Replace Tires Spare Tire And Tools Refer to this page for further infor- mation and tread limits. Spectacle Case In the “ON” position, the light stays on at all times. Washing And Waxing Use a good quality car-washing solution and follow the manufacturer’s directions on the package.