Acura MDX – Owner’s Manual ( pages). Posted on 8 Nov, by Ianryan. Model: Acura MDX. File size: MB. Acura MDX Owner’s Manual. Also called an operating manual, this book acquaints the owner with the operating controls of the vehicle, recommends. Below you will find free PDF files for select years of your Acura MDX automobile. Acura MDX Owners Manuals ยท Acura MDX Owners Manuals.

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The response is so quick that the instability may be corrected even before the driver knows it is occurring. Since the clutches are electromagnetically operated, the amount of drive torque delivered to each rear wheel can be controlled quickly and precisely, reducing wheel slip in low traction conditions.

The model was rated as Ultra Low Emission Vehicle. This innovative full-time all-wheel-drive system actively 200 the optimum amount of torque not only between the front and rear axles but also between the left and right rear wheels. Contact acra local Acura Dealer for assistance. The campaign highlights the complete technical transformation of the MDX and centers around the idea of “Made for Mankind,” a concept designed to highlight the unique engineering and design philosophy at the heart of all Acura vehicles – the synergy between man and machine.

This preventative measure significantly reduces the number of brake and throttle interventions. The cylinder-head mounted close-coupled catalysts light off quickly after engine start up, and a bit RISC microprocessor in the powertrain control module PCM boosts computing power to improve the precision of spark and fuel delivery.

A division of Honda.

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This AWD system is one of the most advanced in its class, featuring an active rear differential often found on high performance cars. You have no vehicle information saved in your Acura Owners account. The alerts occur well in advance of required maintenance for scheduling convenience. Operation of the intake valves changes to optimize both volumetric efficiency and combustion of the fuel-air mixture.


The transmission ECU cuts off fuel flow to the engine if there is a possibility of over revving. The Owner’s Guide provides a quick how-to on basic functions and features.

Acura MDX Owners Manuals

Manusl the valve in each silencer closed, the exhaust sound level is muted for quiet cruising. The inertia of the mass of air rushing down each intake passage helps draw in more charge than each cylinder would normally ingest. The MDX had added more upgrades to the navigation system and there are two new colors added. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Owner’s Manual & Warranty | Acura MDX | Acura Owners Site

This reduces disturbance to the chassis and ensures abundant power is immediately available without a downshift. If you have questions about software updates or need assistance with locating an Acura dealer, you may contact Acura Client Relations at or use the dealer locator to find your dealer.

A mechanical etching process during manufacturing exposes silicone particles embedded in the aluminum sleeves, which provide a hard piston-ring sealing surface. The A-spec package rides on 20″ ndx aluminum wheels. A single Aramid-fiber reinforced belt drives the overhead camshafts. For the through model years, three option packages were available: The bumpers are redesigned to give the A-Spec a more sharp and aggressive design.

Front engineall-wheel drive. A front-wheel drive FWD model is available for the first time in the United States, [13] but not in Canada, where all-wheel drive is the only configuration offered. This resettable system indicates when maintenance is due on many normal service parts and systems, including oil and filter change, tire rotation, air cleaner, automatic transmission fluid, parts replacement and more.


For all situations including low-traction roads, the side-to-side torque distribution is naturally aligned with the tire vertical loads.

A number of 20008 technologies are factors in this excellent emissions performance. The MDX was introduced as a model, replacing the slow-selling U. The second generation model’s body has a wider track and longer wheelbase than the previous MDX, but visibility to the rear has worsened from the prior generation.

Of that horsepower gain, 20 horsepower came from an increase in displacement and a new Additionally, the system offers a lock mode which can be activated and operated amnual low speeds and provides permanent 4wd and the equivalent of a locked rear differential; designed for climbing steep hills and getting out of stuck situations.

The D3 position selects only the first three gears for increased engine braking or reduced shifting during city driving. To ensure positive sealing, a 3-layer shim-type head gasket is used. These files contain detailed information about your vehicle, and can be downloaded, searched, and printed. MID monitors operating conditions such as oil and coolant temperature along with total engine rotations to determine the proper service intervals. Maintenance alerts are presented when the ignition is first turned on, not while driving, unless an urgent need arises.