instruction booklet or visit the Electronic Services web site. Visit our web site for .. your Form. Return. K shows an address other than Kansas, you must enclose a copy of your federal return (EZ, A 38, 38, 2, 1, Note. This booklet does not contain any tax forms. EZ. Department of the Treasury. Internal Revenue Service. IRS Instructions. With. Note: This booklet does not contain any tax forms. . file Form EZ will vary depending on individual circumstances. The Hawaii, Idaho, Kansas, Montana , .. 2, 13, 4, 10, 7, 13, 2, 2,

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Kansas Department of Revenue – Division of Taxation – Individual Income Tax Forms

IRS studies free filing alternatives. However, conditions 1004ez a public library may not be conducive to kansaw a tax return. The participation rate was 27 percent 4. The Research project also reported that:. Our estimate does not include taxpayers who would have been new to the Program. Major Contributors to This Report. It also identified the tax return filing alternatives available to TeleFile users. The IRS could not provide us with the estimate of mailing costs it used to make its decision nor the method used to compute that figure.

Former TeleFile users would encounter the following restrictions or conditions if they tried to obtain free assistance from these programs:. Growth Rate of Electronically Filed Returns. Year of birth does not begin with 19 or IRS decides to end TeleFile.


Taxpayers had to meet two sets of requirements to be eligible for the TeleFile Program: It could be because it is not supported, or that JavaScript is intentionally disabled.

According to the Federation of Tax Administrators, [20] the elimination of the Federal TeleFile Program had a pronounced effect on the State telefile programs, suggesting that taxpayers did not differentiate well between Federal and State telefile programs. Figure 1 presents a general timeline of events relative to the elimination of the TeleFile Program. Is a nonresident alien. NoStat. There are many factors, such as advances in technology or changing taxpayer preferences, that may have led to the eventual elimination of the TeleFile Program.

The TeleFile Program was a paperless filing option provided to taxpayers that allowed them to file their tax returns with the IRS electronically using a telephone.

Eliminating TeleFile Increased the Cost and Burden of Filing a Tax Return for Many Taxpayers

The IRS responded that the targeted surveys it conducted were foorm by analysis performed by the Research function and this analysis was a major component in determining the scheduled improvements to the TeleFile Program for the Filing Season. The sample was selected using a random number generator.

Electronic Tax Administration Advisory Committee. This was caused in part by the significant number of TeleFile users that chose to file their tax returns on paper.

We were unable to determine the number of taxpayers eligible for the TeleFile Program for the and Filing Seasons because estimates for these years were not available.

The participation rate was 12 percent 2. Taxpayer was born January 1, TeleFile usage declined 8. The IRS estimated this initiative reduced the number of eligible taxpayers by more than 6.


Increased filing of paper returns affects the IRS as well as taxpayers. These figures do not include those taxpayers who would have become eligible to use TeleFile for the first time in but had to choose other methods to file their income tax rax. Assessed the effect the elimination of the TeleFile Program had on taxpayers.

Calendar Year The IRS is scheduled to start development and implementation of the Form on the Modernized e-File platform, which is expected to take 2 years.

Individual Income Tax Forms

A taxpayer must first have received a TeleFile tax package and then must have met the qualification requirements found in that package. Recommendations We did not include recommendations because our concerns regarding the use of inaccurate and incomplete data to support program decisions have been previously reported to the IRS.

The volume of Forms EZ filed electronically in decreased by approximately 17 percent, while the volume of paper Forms EZ increased by almost the same amount. The primary reason given was the cost of the Program. Online filing was not the cause of the decrease in TeleFile. Appendix VI provides a description of the specific legislation and related credits and deductions.

Figure 3 was removed due to its size. However, when we corrected the estimate, the break-even point for all TeleFile forms, including Forms andfell from 10 million to 5.