View and Download Ford Excursion owner’s manual online. Check fuel cap U Excursion (hdw) Owners Guide (postfmt) USA English. FORD EXCURSION DIESEL OWNERS MANUAL!!! $ Ford Excursion Owners Manual w/ L Power Stroke Diesel Manual – NEW – #P. Ford Excursion Owners Manual; ( Pages) Ford Excursion Owners Manual; ( Pages) Ford Excursion Owners Manual; ( Pages).

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Please note that in the graphic XXXX is representative of your vehicle identification number. Page Seating and Safety Restraints When to use the automatic locking mode In this mode, the shoulder belt is automatically pre-locked. Never drive through water that is higher than the bottom of the hubs for trucks or the forr of the wheel rims for cars.

Page 35 Press the memory preset controls 2 and 4 simultaneously to toggle between single play and the Personal Audio Feature. While the indicator is lit, release both controls to reset the average fuel economy. Ensure that maanual line of sight between the headphone and infrared transmitter mounted on the DVD housing is not obstructed.

Press and hold to eject all loaded discs. In this guide, answers to such questions are contained in comments highlighted by the warning triangle symbol.

The front seat may need to be moved forward to ease operation. Please take the time to get well acquainted with your vehicle by reading this handbook. Ford or Mercury vehicles customers call ; On all two-piece flat wheel nuts, apply one drop of motor oil between the flat washer and the nut. Electronic automatic temperature control.

OFF, shuts off the engine and all accessories without locking the steering wheel. The front passenger air bag is not designed to offer protection to an occupant in the center front seating position. Ford Motor Company and Ford of Canada do not access event data recorder information without obtaining consent, Seating and Safety Restraints Memory seats and adjustable pedals if equipped This system allows automatic positioning of the driver seat and adjustable pedals to two programmable positions.


Maintenance and Specifications When the engine is cold, check the level of the engine coolant in mnual reservoir. Maintenance and Specifications Safety Standard No.

Excursion Owners Manuals

Page 20 Entertainment Systems Center at the number below. Always come to a complete stop before shifting into and out of R Reverse.

Check seat covers and buckles before you place a child anywhere near them. Page Roadside Emergencies Connecting the jumper cables 1.

Ecxursion bulb socket counterclockwise and remove it from lamp assembly. To confirm the brake system warning light is functional, it will momentarily illuminate when the ignition is turned to the ON position when the engine is not running, or Vehicles with a higher center of gravity such as utility and four-wheel drive vehicles handle differently than vehicles with a lower center of gravity.

Illuminates when the left or right turn signal or the hazard lights are turned on.

The use of these materials may affect transmission operation and result in damage to internal transmission components. To improve the fit of both the lap and shoulder belt on children who have outgrown child safety seats, Ford Motor Company recommends use of a belt-positioning booster. Whenever the yellow portion of the label is visible, the safety belt must be replaced. Wrecker Towing If the vehicle exxcursion towed by other means or incorrectly, vehicle damage may occur.

Page Driving 3. Page 56 Lights Replacing high-mount brakelamp bulbs 1. Do not wipe off any grease on the battery terminals on the back surface of the circuit board.


Download the Ford Excursion Owners Manual

Press to eject a CD. The childproof locks are located on rear edge of each rear door and must be set separately for each door. Front wheel drive FWD vehicles, and those with an independent rear suspension require alignment of all four wheels. Since this information is owers to change, please ask your dealer for complete details about Ford Extended Service Plan coverage options, or visit the Ford ESP website at www.

Warning and control lights. If the vehicle is towed by other means or incorrectly, vehicle damage may occur.

Adjusting the volume from the rear seat controls The volume control allows the rear seat passengers to adjust the volume level of the desired selection. Seating and Safety Restraints The tether strap anchors in your vehicle are in the following positions shown from top view: Do not allow anyone to stand near, directly ahead or behind the spinning tire.

Ownsrs label may peel and cause the CD to become jammed. Press to manually increase or decrease fan speed.

Ford Excursion – Owner’s Manual – PDF ( Pages)

Seating and Safety Restraints When to use the automatic locking mode In this mode, the shoulder belt is automatically pre-locked. Once the disabled vehicle has been started, run both engines for an additional three minutes before disconnecting the jumper cables. Find Jack Kit Locate all of the components for your jack kit.

Allow the safety belt to retract to remove any slack in the belt. Page 3 Ford Motor Company.