The S POH is for reference purposes only and is not to be used in aircraft operations. This manual is not up to date and will not be revised. any POH. Refer to the example below for a breakdown: S PHUS. OO. E. VI. Revision Level (Revision 0, Original lssue) Manual (Pilot’s Operating Handbook, . revised without regard to revision dates which apply to the POH itself. These supplements Airplane Model (S). VI. S PHUS OO. E.

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Brent on Oct 06, Could’t get three adults and full fuel to work the other day, so checked the calcs in lbs and not Kgs; this time it worked!! Loh going to assume that Cessna got the lbs right and the kgs wrong, but how would this stand legally if you took off out of limits?

  CDI 10005 PDF

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Cessna S POH Online | Pilots of America

Bryan, Texas Display Name: I am amazed this error has not been pointed out before. Perhaps you should contact your 172w Cessna Service Center, and inform them in detail!

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Log in or Sign up. While they all pretty much fly the same, there are differences that you need to understand to operate them safely. MatthewDec 5, I’m planning in metric here in Australia and using the Kilogram scale on the right of each chart.

Cessna 172S POH Online

Sitemap Site Statistics Legal Privacy. Many many PDF versions available online.

CCDec 5, I only printed the relevant pages that we used for xc planning take off, fuel, distance to climb charts, etc. Some manual flaps, some have electric.

Cessna S POH wrong! – PPRuNe Forums

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Also fixed in the g POH I just looked at. Anyone know if there is 172e a document?

Choose a long runway! The original “I don’t know it all” of aviation. Highly customizable – for student pilots through pros.

A manual for an aircraft which contains pages marked “unapproved” is a sure sign that other pages in that document are approved. I would have thought this was common knowledge for anyone who flies a CS in the kg pkh If this has been common knowledge for so long why haven’t Cessna corrected it?

Jan 4, Messages: Same issue here with the aircraft I fly. There are a variety of different fuel tank sizes. Cessna S POH wrong! Collins on Oct 06, And Beech Bonanza series Pass Your Checkride With Confidence!